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Angry Birds arrive on Windows Phone 7 at last
You can more or less claim that the cycle is complete – Rovio’s insanely popular Angry Birds franchise is now available across most major mobile operating systems, having already appeared on iOS, Android, and now, Windows Phone 7. It would almost feel as though something was missing if your smartphone misses out on the Angry Birds phenomena, as there is something about those hair-tearing attempts at collecting three stars for […]

Angry Birds to get new Easter expansion
It seems that each holiday season for this year is going to get an Angry Birds expansion, and I do wonder just how much pressure the game designers go through to think of new methods and levels to keep millions of folks entertained, wasting their time away to achieve three golden stars for each level and unlocking golden eggs. This Easter season, mobile developer Rovio will continue with their aggressive […]

Angry Birds for PC (arrive for free)
Angry Birds for PC is free on the Intel AppUp Centre, free - for a limited time.

Windows 7, Kinect and Angry Birds potpourri smells good
There is just something about this hack that ought to make most people wonder – now why hasn’t it been thought of before? We’re looking at KinEmote hacking Windows 7 software in order to have it play nice with Kinect technology (also from Microsoft, so the process might be a wee bit easier since the same company is behind the hardware and the software) as you attempt to kill those […]


Angry Birds Knock On Wood game
[CES 2011] Normally, the analog world ends up being digitized, but here is something different. The Angry Birds phenomenon has made its way from the virtual digital world to the real world, thanks to good ol’ fashioned plastic and some imaginative executives from Mattel. We’re talking about the Angry Birds Knock On Wood game, where your physical reality will see a tabletop format of this hit game. Player One will […]

Angry Birds for Android cheat allows you to access locked levels earlier on
If you’re one of the two million who has Angry Birds for Android on your smartphone and are busy trying to achieve three stars for each level, here’s a spoiler. There is a cheat out there that allows you to access locked levels without going through the nitty gritty, but is that really what you want? If the answer is in the affirmative, then read on, otherwise, you might want […]