[CES 2011] Normally, the analog world ends up being digitized, but here is something different. The Angry Birds phenomenon has made its way from the virtual digital world to the real world, thanks to good ol’ fashioned plastic and some imaginative executives from Mattel. We’re talking about the Angry Birds Knock On Wood game, where your physical reality will see a tabletop format of this hit game. Player One will pull out a mission card and Player Two will have to build the structure as shown on the card (with all the necessary parts provided, of course). After that, Player One will load an Angry Bird oonto the launcher to attempt to knock down everything. Whoever collects 1000 points first wins, although we’re not sure how the points are counted until the game arrives at stores this May for $14.99. Each purchase will come with 14 structure pieces, 56 mission cards, three Angry Birds, a quartet of pigs and a slingshot-style launcher. Definitely something kids will lose interest fast when they have the digital version as an option.


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