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Anonymous leaks details of 7,000 law enforcement officers
Anonymous has announced that it has managed to hack over 70 US law enforcement websites and steal 10GB of data. It promised a leak and the first one was released yesterday – over 7,000 law enforcement officials’ private information including their social security numbers, email accounts, passwords, phone numbers and home addresses. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on where one stands) the link is down at this time so we’ve been […]

PayPal hands over 1,000 Anonymous IP addresses to the FBI
Remember last year when PayPal was attacked by Anonymous after it froze Wikileaks’ account? Well, it looks like PayPal has finally decided to strike back against the hacking coalition. Apparently the hackers left behind enough information to be traceable. PayPal has reported that it has given a list of over 1,000 IP addresses to the FBI: IP addresses that were linked to the PayPal attack last year.

Hacker claims he took down the websites of Anonymous and LulzSec
As if the heat from the authorities wasn’t already enough, it looks like Anonymous and LulzSec have another adversary to deal with. A hacker who calls himself Jester has claimed responsibility for taking down the websites of two of the most prolific hacker groups in recent history. At this time of writing, both and are inaccessible, though there’s no word on why the sites are offline besides the […]

Anonymous finds their social networking website AnonPlus hacked
Remember a couple of days ago we reported that Anonymous decided to start their own social network, AnonPlus, after they were rather unceremoniously given the boot from Google+? Well as it turns out, just because they’re hackers and know how to exploit security flaws in systems does not mean that they’re impervious themselves. It seems that only just recently did they find their AnonPlus website hacked and defaced.


LulzSec is back and hacks into The Sun's website
We had initially thought that the hacker group LulzSec had decided to hang up their hats and call it a day, as they had publically announced they would do so via their Twitter account. Well it looks like they might be back for just one last hack and this time their target was none other than Rupert Murdoch’s “The Sun” news publication.

Anonymous to launch their own social networking website, AnonPlus
What do you do when you get banned or kicked out from Google+? You create your own social networking website of course! At least that’s what the hacker group, Anonymous, has decided to do when they were booted from Google+ for violating some of the rules for Google’s new social networking website. The group had apparently violated community standards which resulted not only in Google removing the group’s Google+ account, […]

Anonymous leaks 90,000 military emails
While LulzSec has disappeared and sailed off into the sea, other hacking groups have picked up where they left off, wreaking havoc on the world. Another infamous hacking collective known as Anonymous, recently made an attack on the intelligence community of the world and has posted some of the stolen material it gained from its endeavors. Just in case you didn’t know, the intelligence community consists of government agencies like […]

LulzSec Ringleader Arrested In Essex?
Only a couple of hours ago LulzSec had tweeted that they had managed to bring down UK’s elite police force, Soca but now it has been reported that thanks to a cooperative effort by both the FBI and Scotland Yard, they have arrested a 19-year old man (or boy?) who is believed to be the ringleader of the LulzSec somewhere in Essex.

Elite UK Police Agency Hit By LulzSec
Yesterday the hacker group LulzSec announced that they have teamed up with hacktivists Anonymous to bring down government and banking websites and it looks like they have kept true to their word in a tweet saying “Tango down – – in the name of #AntiSec”.For those who are wondering the website in question belongs to the UK’s elite police force, the Serious Organised Crime Agency got taken offline in […]

LulzSec And Anonymous Team Up To Take Down Governments And Banks
As if it wasn’t bad enough that LulzSec was out there hacking websites and bringing down systems like Sony and government websites belong to the US Senate and CIA and also leaking 62,000 username and passwords for unnamed websites, but now it looks like they have teamed up with hacktivist group Anonymous in a global operation which are targeting banks and governments.

Malaysian government website targeted by Anonymous?
It looks like not only companies are being targeted by cyber attacks from the group “Anonymous”. According to recent reports, anonymous hacker collective known as Anonymous, will be launching an attack on Malaysia’s government website. While it wasn’t explicitly mentioned what was the main reason behind the attack, it has been speculated to be a response against the government’s recent decision to ban filesharing sites such as Megaupload and torrent […]

Anonymous hacking group does not claim responsibility for PlayStation Network attack
A famous hacking group known as Anonymous (how ironic) unfortunately has not come forward to claim responsibility for the crippling attack of the PlayStation Network. A letter which was posted to the Internet yesterday read, “If a legitimate and honest investigation…is conducted, Anonymous will not be found liable. While we are a distributed and decentralized group, our ‘leadership’ does not condone credit card theft.” The big question is this – […]

Anonymous hacker group attacks Sony URLs and PlayStation Network
If you thought Sony suing Geohot was interesting, wait until you get a load of this. Earlier this morning, the hacking collective Anonymous warned Sony that its ongoing battle with Geohot and fellow hacker Graf_Chokolo was a suppression of free speech. Anonymous issued a warning to “expect [them].” And making good on their promises, the unknown team of hackers went ahead and issued a DDoS attack on and […]

Researchers Can ID Anonymous Email Senders
Not surprisingly, anonymous emails have been used by cyber-criminals in many instances. In the past, it was not always easy to identify the machines used to send the emails, let alone the actual individual who was responsible. But Benjamin Fung and his teammates  at Concordia University can identify anonymous email senders with a 80%-90% accuracy. How? They do that by finding unique patterns from the style, grammar and even spelling, […]