Articles about anonymous (page 2)

CIA website hacked by Anonymous
Anonymous target US government and copyright organizations after Megaupload shutdown
Anonymous hacker group plans for Sony attack?
Anonymous plans to take down the New York Stock Exchange website foiled?
Anonymous: September 24 is day of vengeance in US
[Updated] Anonymous to "kill" Facebook come November 5th?
AnonPlus gets defaced again, this time by Syrian hackers
#Antisec hackers release 10GB of law enforcement data
Anonymous leaks details of 7,000 law enforcement officers
PayPal hands over 1,000 Anonymous IP addresses to the FBI
Hacker claims he took down the websites of Anonymous and LulzSec
Anonymous finds their social networking website AnonPlus hacked
LulzSec is back and hacks into The Sun's website
Anonymous to launch their own social networking website, AnonPlus
Anonymous leaks 90,000 military emails
LulzSec Ringleader Arrested In Essex?
Elite UK Police Agency Hit By LulzSec
LulzSec And Anonymous Team Up To Take Down Governments And Banks
Malaysian government website targeted by Anonymous?
Anonymous hacking group does not claim responsibility for PlayStation Network attack