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Anonymous claims they hacked PayPal's servers, leaks thousands of passwords online [Updated]
We’re sure that most of you guys are familiar with the hacking ground, Anonymous, by now. Now it seems that as part of the group’s 5th of November protest, they claim to have hacked PayPal’s servers and managed to get their hands on 28,000 customer account passwords and leaked it online. Safe to say the amount of chaos that will ensue if these passwords fall into the wrong hands will […]

GoDaddy says internal network issues responsible for crash
GoDaddy recently underwent a crash which also took down millions of sites hosted by it. An Anonymous member, AnonymousOwn3r, claimed that he was responsible for the crash and that he accomplished it through a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack. He also said that he launched the attack in his individual capacity, not representing Anonymous.GoDaddy was quick to respond to this, stating that it was aware of the problem and was working […]

GoDaddy Attacked, Millions Of Sites Down
Members of the well-known online hacktivist group, Anonymous, have attempted a number of high-profile cyber attacks in the recent past. It seems that the latest to go on the list of their victims is the popular web hosting giant, GoDaddy.According to the reports that are beginning to trickle in, GoDaddy has been attacked by an Anonymous member who goes by the Twitter handle AnonymousOwn3r. As a result of the attack, […]

Anonymous claims PSN breach, 10M accounts allegedly accessed
Uh-oh, the Anonymous hacker group has claimed to have hacked the PlayStation Network, or PSN, and downloaded 50GB worth of database that contain user accounts and passwords. From the look of it, a lot of emails are from Sweden, Russia and other European countries. It’s not clear if U.S user information was on the server that was breached, but this does not sound good.At the moment, Sony has not commented […]


Anonymous OS gets pulled
Remember the controversy surrounding Anonymous operating system which was put online recently? Well it looks like all the attention from the media has caused Sourceforge (the website hosting the project) to take another look at it. After careful consideration they have decided to pull it offline based on the grounds that it had no connection to the hacker collective, Anonymous; and because it was a security risk. The fact that […]

Anonymous OS reportedly full of trojans
Yesterday, there was news of an Anonymous operating system released on the internet, available for the public to download. In case you were wondering about what it is – it is basically a Ubuntu Linux-based operating system that comes preloaded with tons of apps for users to launch attacks on website (despite the disclaimer on the about page for the operating system). However, before you rush to download it for […]

CIA website hacked by Anonymous
Another week, another site take down by Anonymous; and today, the group decided to pull off another huge hit. According to an announcement posted by the hacktivist group on Twitter it claims responsibility for hacking the website of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States. Sure enough, at this time of writing the website for the CIA ( isn’t responding – hours after the attacks were reported.The taking down of […]

Anonymous target US government and copyright organizations after Megaupload shutdown
Most people could have seen this coming – with the Megaupload file-sharing site taken down yesterday, there was bound to have some form of retaliation happen; and boy did it not take long. In fact, hackers have already targeted several US government and copyright ortanization websites, where the Department of Justice (DoJ), FBI and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) were bombarded with internet traffic. Not only that, in […]

Anonymous hacker group plans for Sony attack?
Sony executives must be feeling the heat after hacker group Anonymous declared that they might just have a look at Sony’s servers to see if everything is up to par, probing for any defences that are ancient while looking out for weak links that they can exploit, no thanks to Sony’s declaration of support of SOPA. SC Magazine reports that and the Sony Music store are the intended targets […]

Anonymous plans to take down the New York Stock Exchange website foiled?
Remember earlier this year when we would have news about hackers taking down websites every other day? Well, the whole hacking scene seems to have hushed down quite a bit since then, until a few days ago, when two mysterious videos were posted online by someone who claimed to be a messenger of Anonymous. The videos, directed to the people and to the media talk about a proposed attack on […]

Anonymous: September 24 is day of vengeance in US
Brace yourselves for a new slew of cyber attacks from hacktivist group Anonymous as they have just announced in a press release that the collective and “other cyber liberation groups” will “peacefully yet forcefully” protest all over the United States of America. Touting September 24 to be a nationwide “Day Of Vengence” (no idea on whether they will be wearing Guy Fawkes masks while behind a computer screen), this particular […]

[Updated] Anonymous to "kill" Facebook come November 5th?
Ever needed a reason to make the jump to Google+ permanent and exclusive? Well it seems that the hacker group Anonymous has just declared war on Facebook, claiming that they will “destroy” Facebook come November the 5th, which just so happens to the be Guy Fawkes Day.

AnonPlus gets defaced again, this time by Syrian hackers
A couple of days ago, hacking collective Anonymous went ahead and defaced the Syrian Ministry of Defence’s website, leaving a message that supported the residents in Syria who were pro-democracy. I guess the arrest of LulzSec’s alleged leader, Topiary, did not faze Anonymous as they went about business as usual.

#Antisec hackers release 10GB of law enforcement data
After releasing the details of over 7,000 law enforcement officers last week, it looks like Anonymous is back again, this time with the help of Lulzsec. In their latest Antisec move: the two hacking groups have hacked over 70 law enforcement agencies and stolen 10GB worth of data from their endeavors. As usual, they’ve put the data up for download online.The leak contains hundreds of compromising email spools, personal information […]