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How To Remove or Prevent Ransomware For Free
Ransomware is a type of malware that locks your files (or blocks access to them) and threatens to wipe them or publish them online until the ransom is paid. It was not a trending thing a few years back (though it was still dangerous). However, now, even the novice virus writers have access to powerful and effective ransomware-making tools and code.

5 Best Antivirus Software
Having a PC without an antivirus software is just an invitation to malicious programs to corrupt your system and steal sensitive information. A good antivirus program must be installed in your PC to ensure that you are safe online and offline. Fortunately, there are many antivirus programs available, both free and paid.However, not all antivirus programs can protect you against the latest threats, so finding the right software is important. […]

Future Antivirus May Catch Malware Without Needing Updates
These days an antivirus software is necessary if you want to stay safe and make sure no one is remotely messing with your computer and stealing any files, however antivirus softwares have a big problem and that’s the fact that they can only capture malware and viruses which they know about. For unknown or new threats they first have to be updated and that gives attackers a very brief window […]

IE Users Not Please With Norton AntiVirus Update.
Since 2014, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been stuck in  second place after Google Chrome overtook it as the biggest browser in terms of market shares. Unfortunately for Internet Explorer, Norton Internet Security Antivirus has after a slight blunders, deviated them further from their plan of becoming first again. The incident happened after an overnight update to Norton AntiVirus that has prevented Internet Explorer from working at all.By using other browsers, […]


Facebook launches Antivirus Marketplace
Facebook might have won some folks sitting on the fence as to whether this is a company that is “evil” or not (as to the definition of evil, I will leave that to you entirely), as the social networking giant has just rolled out an Antivirus Marketplace which will enable users to download a six-month free trial of software from the participating companies. At this point in time, McAfee, Norton, […]

Mobile antivirus firms are charlatans and scammers says Google's Chris DiBona
As you may have heard, anti-virus companies have been drumming the beat that malware on Android are growing in an exponential way, and that you should buy their product to protect yourself. Not so fast says Chris DiBona, Google’s open-source programs manager, who posted a long Google+ update about Android, security and open source.He eloquently defends the principles of open-source, which detractors say is an invitation for trouble as everyone […]

Huawei to buyout Symantec's stake in their joint venture
Huawei, a company known for putting out affordable mobile devices has announced their plans to buy out the remaining 49% stake in their Symantec joint venture. For those unfamiliar, Symantec is a company that specializes in security software for computers, and are probably most famous for their Norton AntiVirus software.

AVG to offer AntivirusFree for Android tablets
Don’t think that using an Android-powered device means you are exempt from viruses or software exploits – AVG is offering their AntivirusFree for Android tablets. This new piece of software is known as AVG Mobilation for Android, where it will rely on a cloud-based security platform – although AVG states that the app will not hit affect your battery life in a negative manner. Apart from that, it can also […]

Intel finalizes McAfee buyout
Silicon giant Intel is pleased to announce that they have finally finalized and completed their acquisition of computer security company McAfee, where the latter has taken its wings under the Intel Software and Services Group as a subsidiary. This deal has been touted to be within the $7.68 billion region, and it did take a fair bit of convincing on Intel’s part to touch base with the European Commission that […]

Avast Antivirus Spread To Over 770K Pirates From Just 14 Original Licenses
AVAST Software is the company behind the popular avast! antivirus that offers both free and pro versions. The company has recently released a rather interesting announcement, telling a story of how a 14-user license from a small firm in Tucson, Arizona issued on June 30th, 2009 quickly ballooned into 774,651 active users by late 2010. The license has since been used in over 200 countries ranging from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, not […]

U+ USB Hub With Antivirus Scanning
Folks are always worrying about getting a virus on their removable storage nowadays, and that’s why designers came up with this U+ USB Hub concept. It’s a USB hub that offers an antivirus scanner as well, allowing you to scan your flash drives, ensuring that the infection doesn’t spread. From the looks of it, you’ll need to keep it hooked up to a computer in order to perform scanning.

McAfee Offers To Reimburse Folks Affected By The Recent Botched Update
The folks over at McAfee are probably scrambling to do their best to limit the damage to their image caused by the recent fiasco of a botched update. The mistake took down tens of thousands (possibly millions) of computers around the globe. Now the security company is offering to reimburse reasonable expenses associated with the repair of your computer that was botched by this update. To further try and claw […]

Facebook Partners With McAfee To Offer Security Software
If you’re currently evaluating antivirus software for your computer, you might want to take note that Facebook has partnered with McAfee to offer all of its 350 million users free security software for a 6-month period. It’s good to see websites take an initiative to help its users out with the security side of things. That being said, there is a minor catch, as it’s only available for Windows-based computers […]

Avast And Google Chrome
In a recent blog posting, Avast has confirmed that it will be offering users the option to install Google Chrome when they install Avast antivirus on their computers. The company stresses that they’re not trying to force Chrome on users; rather it’s just something that they recommend. Will this make a difference in the current browser wars? What do you think Microsoft and Mozilla’s response to this will be? Publisher’s […]