Avast Antivirus Spread To Over 770K Pirates From Just 14 Original Licenses

AVAST Software is the company behind the popular avast! antivirus that offersboth free and pro versions. The company has recently released a rather interesting announcement, telling a story of how a 14-user license from a small firm in Tucson, Arizona issued on June 30th, 2009 quickly ballooned into 774,651 active users by late 2010. The license has since been used in over 200 countries ranging from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, not to mention the Vatican City. Of course, aside from the original 14 users, all the others are using it illegally. While software piracy isn’t new at all, it’s interesting to see how a simple license key can be spread to so many folks so quickly and over various locations. Russia currently tops the list with the largest number of this pirated license being used, consisting of 9% of the total figure.

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