Facebook might have won some folks sitting on the fence as to whether this is a company that is “evil” or not (as to the definition of evil, I will leave that to you entirely), as the social networking giant has just rolled out an Antivirus Marketplace which will enable users to download a six-month free trial of software from the participating companies. At this point in time, McAfee, Norton, Microsoft, Sophos, and Trend Micro have come together under the Antivirus Marketplace initiative, and it would be interesting to see just which company would benefit the most in the long run. Who do you think will have the most downloads, and out of that figure, how many will make the switch to a full license once the trial period is over?

Facebook blogged, “We believe that arming our users with anti-virus software will help empower them to stay safe no matter where they are on the web.” Makes perfect sense, as this is a community service announcement of sorts for all 901 million users on Facebook. How many of you out there still do not have an antivirus solution in place?

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