Alleged OnePlus 3 Spotted In AnTuTu Benchmark

OnePlus has achieved success with its sales model of using invitations before in the past, and it does not look as though they are about to change a winning formula anytime soon. In fact, it has been said that the successor to the previous flagship killer (aka the OnePlus 2) is in the pipeline, with a suspected model of it being spotted on AnTuTu which will obviously also showcase some […]

Vivo XPlay 5 AnTuTu Benchmark Impresses

Smartphones these days are definitely powerful – so powerful, in fact, that they pack far more processing muscles and punch compared to the high end first generation Intel Pentium powered desktops all those years ago, at a fraction of the price and of course, its size. Well, here is yet another handset which is certainly doing its bit to fly the smartphone flag high in an AnTuTu benchmark – the […]

Xiaomi Phone Goes Through AnTuTu, Reveals More Specifications

It goes without saying that in this day and age, any upcoming handsets would most probably go through a baptism of fire of sorts – such as the AnTuTu benchmark, where we are able to glean some information on the possible hardware specifications as long as nothing official is revealed yet. The same can be said of this upcoming Xiaomi handset, where it will carry the codename HM2014811, having passed […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Prototype Spotted Again

It looks like this could be a case of carelessness, or a carefully crafted plan – I am referring to a prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S6 which carries the model number SM-G925F, having being leaked out – twice actually, with it appearing in an AnTutu benchmark. The screenshot this time around points to a Quad HD (1440 x 2560 pixels) resolution display, which does point in the direction that […]


Meizu MX4 Scores 52,811 On AnTuTu Benchmark

The Meizu MX4 smartphone is certainly one particular device that many of us are looking forward to, especially with its impending September release date looming over the horizon. Having said that, leaked images of it do point to an extremely slim bezel, although some work on it will still need to be done before it is capable of arriving at the aesthetically pleasing level of the Sharp AQUOS Crystal smartphone. […]

Two Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Spotted In AnTuTu Benchmark

Right now we do know that the HTC One (M8) is the only flagship device in the world that arrives in two different flavors where its operating system is concerned. Samsung is not going to go down that route with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, although it does look as though through one of the more recent AnTuTu benchmarks, there is the possibility of two variants of this particular handset.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Successor Spotted In AnTuTu Benchmark (Rumor)

Here we are with yet another rumor, which would concern the successor to the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 tablet. Apparently, this particular device has already been put through the paces in an AnTuTu benchmark, where it does come with two obvious differences – a processor as well as a different version of Android that runs it.

Onda V989 Tablet Smashes 48,000 AnTuTu Mark

Onda, a manufacturer from China, does look as though they are stamping their mark with the Onda V989 tablet, where this particular model will feature the latest generation Allwinner processor known as the A80T. This particular chipset will share a similar big.LITTLE architecture that can be found in Samsung’s Exynos range, where it boasts of a quartet of A7 cores and as well as another four A15 cores. Depending on […]

Huawei “Mulan” Spotted At AnTuTu Benchmark

Every decent smartphone manufacturer would need a flagship device in order to stamp its mark in the high end side of things, as the bragging rights in this department would do wonders for a company’s reputation. Having said that, Huawei is currently working on a next generation flagship device that has revealed some of its hardware specifications after being spotted on the AnTuTu benchmark site. Known as the Huawei H60-L02, […]

Vivo XShot First Smartphone To Cross 40k AnTuTu Mark

Records are meant to be broken, although those Manchester United fans must be desperate for ‘The Chosen One’ to stop breaking new records for the football club – in the opposite direction, of course. Teams that have not won since before I was born have picked up victories at Old Trafford, and the four more games that they still have left to play in the remainder of the season does […]

HTC: One M8 Boosted As A Feature For Benchmarks

HTC has been accused of boosting their HTC One (M8) when it comes to benchmark performance, as AnTuTu has included a new version of its popular benchmarking site known as AnTuTu X that supposedly eliminates some of the cheating which has been whispered about. AnTuTu X is meant to depict a more authentic and realistic benchmark score. For instance, as the HTC One (M8) went through the pages of the […]