Artificial intelligence is a buzzword that seeped into the smartphone discourse last year. Manufacturers are getting serious about bringing powerful AI features to their devices. That’s why we’re now seeing mobile processors with dedicated artificial intelligence chips. To measure how the AI performance of devices stacks up, AnTuTu has launched a new benchmark.

AnTuTu is best known for its benchmarking app that quickly lets you run the numbers on the power package of your device. The numbers can then be judged against scores of other devices that have also run the AnTuTu gauntlet.

It’s effectively doing the same thing now for artificial intelligence. It wants to provide a quantifiable standard for judging the AI performance of different smartphones. It has thus worked with chip manufacturers on an app called “AI Review.”

The benchmark app is divided into the Image Classification and Object Recognition categories. The former is based on the Inception v3 neural network and reviews test data of 200 images. The latter is based on the MobileNet SSD neural network and reviews a 600 frame video.

The app then translates the original neural network into a neural network that’s supported by the chip manufacturer such as HiSilicon or Qualcomm through the SDK provided. If the chip in question does not have support for AI algorithms, AI Review users TFLite for benchmarking, and the results are described as being unreliable as a result of that.

The grading criteria is simple. The score is based on speed and accuracy. The faster the speed, the higher the accuracy, and thus the higher final score.

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