The Apple App Store is your one-stop destination for any and all apps and games that you want for your mobile device. The App Store is a cash cow in its own right for the company and it has continued to see significant growth over the years. Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller revealed today via Twitter that the App Store saw its “highest monthly sales ever” in November.

Schiller gladly made this revelation via Twitter but didn’t go into details about whether this claim was related to the number of downloads or the revenue generated for Apple and the developers that contribute apps and games.

App Store sales tend to fluctuate on a monthly basis but the overall trend since 2008 has been on the upside as the number of iPhone and iPad owners across the globe has also continued to increase significantly.

This presents a great opportunity to developers who can create apps and games that hundreds of millions of people across the globe can use and pay for. Apple takes a cut from their sales and continues to generate money from the App Store.

The App Store’s performance is likely to be even better this month as iOS devices tend to make the best holiday gifts for some people. As more and more devices come on, the more revenue the App Store can churn for Apple.

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