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The Data Behind Samsung's Camera Dominance Over Apple
Once upon a time, the iPhone was widely considered as having the best camera of all “modern smartphones”.However, many consumers and experts alike also recognize that today, Samsung’s mobile cameras are more versatile and powerful than Apple’s. We have shown as much with our Camera IQ (Image Quality analysis) camera benchmark on many phones from both companies.

Apple Informs About Returns & Repairs During Coronavirus Outbreak
Recently, Apple decided to close all of its retail stores outside china until 27th March. But, then again, it also made clear that the stores will remain closed until further notice.And, amidst the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of existing customers are left confused with some questions on the returns and repairs of their Apple products while the stores are closed.So, Apple addressed some of the most frequently asked questions in […]

Apple To Let Users Switch To Third Party Default Apps
Normally, for an iOS device, you do not get to change the default apps to any other services than that of Apple.For instance, the default browser is Safari and you cannot change it to Google Chrome.It has been this way and it is currently the way how it works. However, as per a recent report by Bloomberg, you might be able to switch apps for your default browsers, music players, […]

Apple Fined $27 Million In France For Slowing Down Old iPhones
Back in 2017, Apple intentionally throttled the performance of older iPhones to preserve its battery life. Even though it wasn’t a noticeable change for some, a lot of users did find it inconvenient.And, Apple also admitted to the fact soon enough – which did not leave a good impression with the iPhone users.For obvious reasons, some switched to Android smartphones but some consumers in France ended up complaining that to […]


Apple To Launch Charging Mats, AirTags, High-End Headphones & More New Products In 2020
There’s a lot of predictions and leaks for Apple revealing big products this year (2020). However, along with its reimagined iPhone or the expected iPhone SE 2 – there would be more interesting things in the store.One of the most popular Apple analysts Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will also launch wireless charging mats, AirTags, high-end headphones, new iPads/Macs in the first half of 2020.Of course, among the new products, […]

Government Can Potentially Hack iPhones Without Backdoors
Recently, Apple dropped its plan to introduce encrypted iCloud backups after FBI complained.However, it seems that the government does not need to rely on smartphone manufacturers for help with backdoors to access someone’s device when required.In a series of tests conducted by the National Institue and Standard Technology (NIST) listed at the official website of Homeland Security – it looks like they already have a way to get access to […]

Apple Insists That Losing Lightning Port Will Create Waste
Recently, we reported that the EU wanted Apple to drop the Lightning port in favor of a standard charging port (USB Type-C).The reason behind the suggestion was that the move will potentially reduce the waste generated in the production of charging cables while also making it convenient.No matter what the consumers think about the EU’s suggestion – Apple thinks that losing the Lightning port will generate more waste.Apple suggests that […]

Apple To Begin Mass Production Of iPhone SE 2 / iPhone 9 In February
The iPhone SE 2 – which could also be potentially called as “iPhone 9” will get into mass production next month for a potential March release schedule.In case you did not know, the iPhone SE 2 will be a budget iPhone for under $400. Even though the pricing isn’t clear at the moment, we’re just a month away from its official reveal.Bloomberg also reported that the assembly work for the […]

Apple Dropped Its Plan To Encrypt iCloud Backups After FBI Complained
Apple is always known to actively defend users’ privacy – no matter whether it is a court order.However, amidst all the chaos and FBI’s pressure, Apple seems to be dropping its plan to encrypt the backups in iCloud as reported by Reuters.To enhance users’ privacy on the cloud, Apple had plans to introduce encrypted iCloud backups for the customers. However, the FBI complained that the move will harm crucial investigations.Hence, […]

Apple Has A Secret Team Working To Launch Satellites Within 5 Years
As per the recent Bloomberg report, it looks like Apple has a secret team working to launch satellites to beam data to its devices.In a nutshell, it is safe to assume that Apple is considering to improve the wireless network connectivity features on its devices while going up a notch from its competitors.Of course, nothing’s certain for now – but if the report is to be believed, Apple is exploring […]

Apple Card Now Lets You Get A 24-Month Interest-Free iPhone Installment Plan
Normally, you can purchase an iPhone with a 24-month installment plan. However, it is not necessarily an interest-free plan, is it?But, it looks like you do not have to worry about that anymore.Apple has introduced a feature for Apple Card which lets you opt for an interest-free 24-month installment plan for a new iPhone purchase.It is also worth noting that Apple has increased the cashback to 6% (instead of 3) […]

Apple Reportedly Forecasting To Get About 100 Million iPhone 12 Sales In 2020
Now that we have a few details on the 2020 iPhone, what do we look for next?The information is quite limited to a number of hardware specifications (like the new chipset on iPhone 12) and the design for 2020’s iPhone.And, now, it looks like Apple is reportedly predicting more than 100 million units for its iPhone 12 sale in 2020.The information was originally reported by Digitimes. The report claims that […]

Bloomberg Reveals New Information On Apple's Long-Awaited AR Glasses
While we already talked about the same launch window in our Apple AR headset news coverage. This time, we have more details from Bloomberg.Bloomberg also addresses the same information mentioning the predicted release schedule for Apple Glasses (i.e 2020). In addition, it has revealed some new information on what the AR headset will come with.Of course, there could be a lot of changes when it releases. But, at the same […]

The Apple TV App Is Now Available On Roku
Roku is a quite popular online media player (or streaming player). It also offers a smart TV and a streaming stick (like Amazon’s Firestick) to make it possible for you to access multiple services on your TV.You can watch the free channels available or opt for the premium ones offered.In addition to all the channels available, Roku announced that the Apple TV app is finally available as a channel on […]