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Carpool Karaoke Renewed By Apple For A Third Season
CBS-produced Carpool Karaoke has reportedly been renewed by Apple for a third season. This was the first original series for Apple Music and has since been moved over to Apple TV. Viewers like the short-form singalong show quite a bit so it’s not surprising at all to see that the company has decided to renew it for another season.

Apple Reportedly Planning To Move Some Production Outside China
This possibility has come up multiple times over the past few weeks. Apple is seeking to avoid tariffs on products that it manufactures in China and then imports into the United States for sale. In order to avoid the tariffs that the United States has imposed in its ongoing trade war with China, the company would have to move production outside the People’s Republic. According to a new report, Apple […]

Apple’s TV Service May Initially Have More Third-Party Content
Apple has been investing heavily in original content for its long-rumored TV service. It has now announced an event for March 25th where this service is expected to be announced. A new report mentions that most of Apple’s original content won’t be ready in time for the launch. This means that the service will largely rely on third-party content initially.

Apple Not Allowing Facebook’s Internal iOS Apps To Run
Amid reports that Facebook was distributing an app that gathers personal data from users in exchange for $20 per month, Apple has reportedly blocked all Facebook internal apps from launching on iOS devices. This means that early releases of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc in addition to the company’s employee apps are no longer working on iOS devices.


Huawei’s New Year Message Tweeted Out From An iPhone
This is happening frequently with Apple’s rivals so much so that it’s not even funny anymore. Merely weeks after an official Samsung account was found tweeting about the Galaxy Note 9’s display prowess using an iPhone, the New Year’s message from an official Huawei account also came from “Twitter for iPhone.”

PS Vue Integration Brings Live And On-Demand Shows To Apple’s TV App
PlayStation Vue, Sony’s standalone online TV streaming service, has become the first streaming TV provider to be integrated with Apple’s TV app. This means that users of this app on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV will now be able to browse on-demand and live content from within Apple’s TV app.

Verizon May Team Up With Apple Or Google For 5G TV Service
Verizon is looking to launch its fixed 5G broadband service later this year and it appears that the company wants to team up with other companies for its live TV over 5G service. A report claims that Verizon is mulling a possible partnership with either Google or Apple for this matter.

Apple Won’t Sell You A 2015 MacBook Pro Anymore
Many Mac fans have not really appreciated some of the advancements that the company has made in recent years, including but not limited to the butterfly keys and USB Type-C ports. Those who didn’t like the new MacBooks opted for 2016 and 2015 models instead and it appears that Apple is now gearing up to stop selling the 2015 MacBook Pro.

Apple Reportedly Planning Streaming Bundle For TV, Music, News
With Apple picking up as many new shows and movies as they are, the question is how will Apple distribute them? Will it be part of an Apple Music subscription? Will it be part of Apple TV? According to a report from The Information (paywall; via MacRumors), it seems that Apple could be planning a massive subscription bundle.

Apple Denies Receiving Data From Facebook
Facebook’s privacy practices were called into question once again recently when a report claimed that the company had provided sensitive user data to at least 60 device makers, including the likes of Apple and Samsung. Apple CEO Tim Cook has commented on the matter, claiming in an interview with NPR that Apple has never received any data from Facebook and neither has it ever requested the social network for such […]

Jury To Deliberate On Apple’s Patent Lawsuit With Samsung Today
Apple and Samsung have been fighting a patent infringement lawsuit since 2012 when the former claimed that the Korean company had released devices which infringed on some of its patents. Apple sued Samsung and was subsequently awarded $1.05 billion in damages. However, that wasn’t the end of this as it was only the beginning of this legal tussle which would then go on for several years. The lawsuit recently came […]

Apple Wants $1 Billion From Samsung In Damages Retrial
Apple first sued Samsung over patent infringement back in 2011. The devices over which it was sued are no longer on sale and yet the case has dragged on since then but lawsuits and countersuits being filed by both companies. The case was decided in Apple’s favor in 2012 and it was awarded $1.05 billion in damages. Samsung disputed the amount and now the fight is over the amount that’s […]

Jimmy Iovine Might Take A Reduced Role At Apple Music
It was reported earlier this year in January that Apple Music boss Jimmy Iovine was going to leave the company. He joined Apple in 2014 when he and Dr. Dre sold their headphone and music streaming company Beats that they co-founded back in 2008 to Apple for $3 billion. Iovine, a former CEO of Interscope, was said to exit Apple after his Apple shares vested fully. That report was denied […]

Apple Now Using Google’s Cloud For iCloud
Apple has previously relied on remote data storage systems from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Azure but it appears to have shifted some of that work to Google. The company has revealed in a file on its website that it’s now using Google’s public cloud for iCloud data storage. This is the first such acknowledgment from Apple and it goes to show that Google’s cloud business has been picking up […]