Apple Removes Vine

It seems that the folks over at Apple has gotten the message – they have removed the Vine app from the Featured Apps section, which came along after the porn debacle. Just in case you were wondering what Vine is all about, this app allows users to be able to upload a short six second video clip online on just about anything and everything, and this has resulted in some […]

Budget iPhone Could Be A Frankenstein Phone Borrowing From iPhone 5, iPod Touch [Rumor]

The rumors for Apple’s cheaper iPhone have been all over the place as some reports say it exists, while others say Apple wouldn’t offer a cheaper iPhone at all. Today’s news, once again, claims a cheaper iPhone does exist, and in fact goes into detail on what exactly the cheaper iPhone will look like. The report published today comes from iLounge who claims they have information in regards to how […]

Best Buy Discounts MacBook Air Starting At $799 Today And Tomorrow

If you’ve ever had the pleasure to attend a press event or convention, you’ll know us journalists love a good Mac, especially the MacBook. That’s why when we heard Best Buy was selling the MacBook Air for $200 less than the MSRP, we immediately thought you should know in case you’re planning on buying one in the near future. Best Buy will be running a Winter Doorbuster sale today and tomorrow […]

iPad 5 Expected To Resemble An iPad Mini And Release In October [Rumor]

Apple is apparently expected to announce multiple iPhones this year, which is great for the iPhone community, but what about the iPad? We’ve heard rumors of an iPad Mini 2 possibly in the works that will have a Retina Display, although if a report from iLounge is to be believed, this may turn out to be the next official iPad.


Apple Has Three iPhones In Store For 2013?

It was just a few days ago when we brought you word that Apple might not stick to the usual one-iPhone-per-year tactic, and I suppose this is because their stand has been shaken with the rise of Samsung in the Android market, where the South Korean conglomerate adopted a “cover all bases” approach. Hence, Apple would apparently double their efforts with two new iPhone models lined up for 2013, and […]

Samsung Smartphones Drive Record Profits

Samsung has reported a record quarterly profit of $8.3B, thanks to strong sales from its mobile division which has seen its business nearly double year over year. That $8.3B reflects an increase in profit of 89%, which is a huge percentage number for an already very sizable company like Samsung. Analysts expected Samsung to cut capital spending (manufacturing/production equipment, etc…) because Apple has announced that it would gradually diversify its chip manufacturing […]

First Clip Of jOBS Biopic Released Starring Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs

When Ashton Kutcher was announced to be the lead actor in Steve Jobs’ biopic “jOBS,” we were a little hesitant about his ability to capture Steve Jobs’ essence for the film. When you consider the majority of his acting career was spent as a dimwitted teenager on That 70s Show, you could probably understand why we weren’t entirely sure of Kutcher’s ability to perform as Steve Jobs.

Report: Majority Of iPad Owners Prefer To Use Their Tablet For Email

After hours, I tend to spend my evenings watching TV with my wife, along with my iPad on my lap. I’m usually browsing Reddit, reading some news and making my way through my email. It seems that last activity is one the majority of iPad owners enjoy as well as a new research was published today which shows just how important email is on their iPad. According to a survey […]

Apple Removes 500px Photo Sharing App From App Store

When it comes to the Apple App Store, you can say that Cupertino keeps quite a tight rein on things, where every single app will have to go through some pretty stringent measures and quality control before they are approved for release. Having said that, Apple has already removed the photo-sharing tool known as 500px from the App Store, with a rather puzzling reason. According to Apple, the 500px app […]

Apple HDTV On Track, Says Analyst

Do you know what does the unicorn and the Apple HDTV have in common? Both of them remain in the realm of fantasy, although the probability of the Apple HDTV making the jump into our fabric of space and time is a whole lot higher than finding an actual unicorn in this day and age. While many folks have given up on the Apple HDTV at least in the immediate […]

2013 iPhones To See In-Cell Touch (Rumor)

Do you like math? If you have answered in the negative, then perhaps you might have an opposite reply if I were to ask you whether you are down for some iPhone Math action. Well, the rumored “iPhone Math” will not come with a 4” display, but it has been whispered to feature a 4.8” display that ought to help it keep up with the rest of the Android-powered market, […]

Apple Goes Lovey Dovey With Valentine’s Day Engraving Promotion For iPads

If you are all out of ideas on what you get your beau this coming Valentine’s Day, perhaps it is time to take stock of the situation and throw all conventional gift ideas such as chocolates and flowers out of the window. “How about a tablet?”, is the direction where Apple wants you to go, which is why they are hoping that you would place an order for the iPad […]

Verizon Activates Over 6 Million iPhones In Q4 2012

Verizon may have lost some profit during Q4 2012, but one thing it gained last quarter was iPhone subscribers. A lot of iPhone subscribers. During this morning’s conference call, Verizon announced it activated 6.2 million iPhones during the last quarter with nearly half of those iPhones activated with 4G LTE support. Seeing how the iPhone 5 is currently the only iPhone capable of 4G LTE connectivity, it’s safe to say Verizon […]

Samsung Targets iPhone, BlackBerry In Business-Focused Commercial

Commercials for Samsung’s Galaxy devices are usually spent bashing the competition, that is unless it’s changing your perception of Mrs. Claus. They’ve recently bashed the iPhone 5, and are once again setting their sights on Apple’s smartphone, as well as RIM’s BlackBerry devices. The new Samsung commercial was created to hopefully change the minds of business users who have trusted their business needs to a BlackBerry device, while at the same […]