News of Apple bringing production of some of its iMacs to the U.S. has been spreading like wildfire as the company previously relied heavily on Chinese labor to produce the majority of its products. Not only would this create more jobs in the U.S., which we’re currently desperately in need of, but it may also spark an increase in American-made components as Apple will be looking to invest in U.S. manufacturers to help build their products.

Not only will Apple benefit from this move, but other companies will also be able to start using U.S. produced components for their products such as Lenovo, who announced it will be moving some of its manufacturing to North Carolina. When you consider Foxconn will soon be using robots to manufacture products for its companies to help keep the cost of labor low, but may cost more in the long run when you consider how much it will cost to power the machines, moving some production to the U.S. doesn’t seem like an entirely bad idea and may even spark a boom in home-grown products.

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