Google Music users who wish the service would be more iTunes-like will be happy to hear it’s offering a killer service Apple currently charges $25 for its users to access, and at completely no cost to its users. The service is iTunes Match, and Google has just announced it has launched a similar service to its Google Music store for free in the U.S.

Google Music’s scan and match feature allows Google Play users to scan their local music library to have instant access to their song in the cloud without needing to upload gigs of music in order to listen to them. If you’re a Google Music user, the process is probably happening right now without you even realizing it. The service was previously released in Europe, but has finally made its way to the U.S. starting today.

The service will allow users to stream their matched music at 320Kbps, which if you’re not a techie or a music buff, is a pretty high quality. If you’d like to re-download your music, you’ll be able to download it at close to the bitrate you had it stored locally.

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