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Apple iPad Costs $270.50 To Manufacture?
Ever wonder how much Apple makes on every iPad? It’s hard to know the actual profit after you factor in all the elements, but a bill of materials (BOM) analysis by Brian Marshall of BroadPoint AmTech states that the 16GB Wi-Fi-only version of the iPad costs $270.50. This does not tell is what the actual profit per unit is, but it’s an interesting reference to know. Not surprisingly, the main […]

First iPad Review, I played with it on 1/27
Update 4/5/2010: we had much more time to write an in-depth review if the iPad. It supersedes this one and can be found here: iPad Review.Shortly after the Apple Launch in San Francisco, we had the opportunity to play with an iPad for long enough to have an idea of how it feels to use one and how the iPad looks in the real world. After months of speculation, we […]

Apple iPad announced
It is true after all – Apple (the largest mobile devices company in the world at a value of over $50 billion, which is more than Nokia in terms of revenue) has finally announced the second coming of gadgetopia in the form of the iPad. As expected, Steve Jobs took to the stage to bring us news that has the entire gadget world riveted with the $499 (upwards) iPad occupying […]

Is This The Real Apple Tablet?
Now how about that, an eleventh hour leak on the Apple tablet perhaps? As far as faked tablets go, this one seems to be rather believable. It does seem to look like a giant iPhone, and the ugly things on the side of it are probably the bolts that are holding the tablet down on the tablet, preventing anybody from stealing it. There’s no indication of a carrier at the […]


Is The Apple Tablet The Most Important Thing Steve Jobs Has Ever Done?
Is the Apple tablet the most important thing that Steve Jobs has ever done? According to various sources around the Internet, he certainly thinks so. Word is going around that several eyewitnesses, including Apple executives and Jobs’ friends that they’ve heard Jobs say that the project is the “most important thing I’ve ever done”, and that he’s personally excited about the results. It’s been said for a while now that […]

Old Apple Tablet Prototype Design Appears
It doesn’t seem like anybody has pictures of the upcoming Apple tablet (which should be announced on the 27th of Jan), but folks have managed to dig up and ancient prototype design of an Apple tablet (or laptop) back in the 1980’s. You can be very sure that the upcoming tablet won’t look anything like this, but it’s still cool to see that Apple was thinking of cool devices since […]

Apple tablet could roll out in June
Forget about Apple unveiling the Apple tablet/slate this January 27th – it could pretty well be just a simple announcement and confirmation of the existence of such a tablet, where a June launch could be plausible due to Cupertino engineers working on issues concerning battery life and durability till then. This would also pretty much be in line with the iPhone’s original announcement back in January 2007, where the world […]

Lala To Offer iPhones And Apple Tablet An Online Locker?
It wasn’t entirely clear as to what Apple intended to do with Lala when it bought out the company a while ago, but now it seems that there is a possibility that Apple will be looking to have an online locker for users’ music. With that in place, users will be able to access their collections anywhere, either through a web browser, or through a device like the iPhone, or […]

100K To Play With The Apple Tablet For 1 Hour
Want to make a quick $100,000? Well, all you have to do is get your mittens on a unit of Apple’s upcoming tablet, and let the folks over at Valleywag play with it for 1 hour. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? There are other deals offered too, such a $10k for real pictures, $20k for a video of it in action, $50k for pictures of Steve Jobs holding one. With […]

Fingerworks Website Taken Offline
Fingerworks was acquired by Apple nearly 5 years back, but the website was still online and functional, all the way up until recently. The domain is now parked at, and the takedown of the site has prompted speculation that the upcoming Apple tablet will have some of the more advanced multi-touch keyboard gestures that Fingerworks pioneered. Before the site was taken down, it still retained photographs and details of […]

Deputy CEO Of France Telecom Confirms Apple Tablet
With Apple’s media event just around the corner, it seems that it’s going to be mighty hard to keep the Apple tablet (iSlate?) under wraps for much longer. Notable folk are coming out to confirm the device, and next up is Stephane Richard, deputy CEO at France Telecom. Apparently the device will be available with a webcam, and Orange customers will be able to enjoy the device, suggesting that the […]

Bloomberg Thinks Apple Tablet To Be Unveiled This Month
It seems like rumors regarding Apple’s upcoming tablet just won’t stop, and now even Bloomberg is reporting that the device will be unveiled sometime this month, and the device itself should be going on sale in March 2010, which is just around the corner. With the rumored January 27th announcement date just around the corner, the rumor mill is churning non-stop, so be sure to check back often and we’ll […]

Developers Involved In Apple Tablet In Cone Of Silence
With Apple’s legendary secrecy, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise for you to hear that those that are involved in the development of the Apple tablet are reportedly in a “cone of silence”, and no information will be coming from those directly involved. Many of the folks involved in the tablet team are supposedly the same who developed the Calendar, Mail and Safari iPhone apps, so they should […]

Apple Event On Jan 26th In San Fran
A report on Fox News has confirmed that Apple has an event planned at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco on Jan 26th. With the indications strong that Apple will be making a major product announcement, word is going around that it will be associated with a product in the “mobility space”, which certainly seems to allude to the Apple tablet, or if not, an updated iPhone. To further […]

Former President Of Google China Says Apple Tablet Will Be 10-inch Device
7-inch or 10.1-inch device? Those are the sizes that people have been bringing up from time to time. Now and then we hear a “confirmation” that it will be one or the other, and some parties that that there will be 2 sizes, so which is correct? There obviously isn’t any confirmation just yet, but it seems that the former President of Google China, Kaifu Lee, has added to the […]

Asus Tablet To Face Apple Tablet?
While there isn’t any official confirmation just yet, word on the street is that Asus is preparing to come up with a new device called the Eee Pad, which will boast a 4 to 7-inch display panel. It should be something of a combination between a tablet PC and MID (mobile-internet-device). Could this product be something that Asus is preparing, in order to face the looming challenge of the (rumored) […]

Foxconn to manufacture Apple tablet PC
Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) has been selected to be the manufacturing partner for the much awaited tablet PC from Apple, where it is tipped to arrive in the market sometime in the first quarter of next year. Foxconn estimates that they will move around 300,000 to 400,000 of such units then considering the almost-certain mad demand for Apple’s tablet PC. Apparently, it will come with a 10.6″ display, […]

Apple Tablet in 13 and 15 inches? Unlikely
New unnamed sources from China’s industrial city Shenzen, where a lot of electronic stuff is produced, claims to have seen aluminum Apple Tablets, including one that runs Mac OS 10.5. The source doesn’t say if the units were concept prototypes or pre-production samples. ‘it’s not FoxConn’, apparently (Foxconn is one of the several contract manufacturers that Apple hires to actually build its products) Most rumors put the Apple tablet size at […]

iTab Mini mod
The not-so-secret Apple tablet might not be out anytime soon and we still don’t have a blurry spyshot to refer to, but if the iTab Mini is anything to go by, you can consider our appetites more than hungry for the real thing. This mod project sees a 12.1″ resistive touchscreen display being melded with salvaged parts of an aged PowerBook, although it will run on an Intel Core 2 […]

Apple tablet prototype is real (rumor)
Guess nobody’s high on mushrooms as someone has claimed to seeing the real Apple tablet prototype – but rumors being rumors, we can but speculate until an official statement is released from Apple themselves. According to a “veteran analyst”, the person(s) involved have actually held an actual prototype of Apple’s upcoming tablet, where the final design ought to be ready within 6 weeks followed by a September announcement and a […]