Apple Tablet in 13 and 15 inches (rumor)

New unnamed sources from China’s industrial city Shenzen, where a lot of electronic stuff is produced, claims to have seen aluminum Apple Tablets, including one that runs Mac OS 10.5. The source doesn’t say if the units were concept prototypes or pre-production samples. ‘it’s not FoxConn’, apparently(Foxconn is one of the several contract manufacturers that Apple hires to actually build its products)

Most rumors put the Apple tablet size at around 10″, so a 13 or 15 inches model is rather surprising. Plus, running a full Mac OS that is not built for touch-displays is even weirder. Without a doubt, it would suck as much as the Tablet Edition of Windows.

We think that the 10″ rumor is more credible because Apple won’t launch a full line of products without battle-testing a new concept. Plus there are costs and practicality elements to take into consideration. A tablet is a companion device at best, so it needs to be light, small and (relatively) cheap.

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