Apple iPad Costs $270.50 To Manufacture?

Ever wonder how much Apple makes on every iPad? It’s hard to know the actual profit after you factor in all the elements, but a bill of materials (BOM) analysis by Brian Marshall of BroadPoint AmTech states that the 16GB Wi-Fi-only version of the iPad costs $270.50. This does not tell is what the actual profit per unit is, but it’s an interesting reference to know. Not surprisingly, the main cost of the iPad is its 9.7-inch LCD display, which apparently costs $100 (it should go down as volume goes up). Even the A4 chip that powers the device is listed at just $15, probably because it is so small (in area).What do you think about it? Would anyone venture to guess what the real profit margin is? Also, we wonder if Apple gets a share on the data plan, and if so, how much.

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