Google Launches Live Transcribe Tool For Users Who Are Hard Of Hearing

A lot of us probably taking our hearing for granted, but for those who might have their hearing impaired, they might face a lot of challenges in day to day situations. This is why Google has since launched a new tool for Android called Live Transcribe that is aimed at empowering its users who might be hard of hearing.

Newton Mail Makes A Surprise Return To The App Store

Last year popular iOS email client Newton Mail announced that it would be shutting down. This was a bit of a bummer given how many people used the app and enjoyed what it had to offer. The developers were later acquired by Essential where it was unclear as to what would become of them.

Self-Harm Images Will Be Hidden Behind ‘Sensitivity Screens’ On Instagram

Instagram wants to clamp down on images that depict suicide or self-harm. The Facebook-owned company has now decided to hide self-harm images behind “sensitivity screens.” This feature is going to blur the image until the user makes a decision to view it and taps on the image.

Google Releases New Apps To Help Hard-Of-Hearing People

Google has announced two new Android apps today meant for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. The apps – Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier – are meant to break down barriers and make life a little easier for those who are differently-abled.


WhatsApp Now Supports Face ID And Touch ID Locking

Most of us use some form of access control on our devices, be it a fingerprint or PIN, but if you’d like to have an additional layer of security for WhatsApp on your iOS device, you can now lock it with Face ID or Touch ID. The available method will obviously depend on the kind of iPhone that you have since Face ID isn’t available on legacy models.

Some Inbox Features Could Be Ported Over To Gmail

Several years ago, Google’s Gmail team launched a new email platform called Inbox. The idea with Inbox was to help users achieve inbox zero, where all emails would be sorted and cleared from the main inbox, thus allowing users to focus on incoming emails that actually matter. It was also smart enough to sort emails based on its content, such as trips, purchases, and more.

Google Banning Beauty Camera Apps That Are Stealing Photos

Whenever you download a camera or photo editing app, usually it asks for permission to access your photos and camera. This makes sense and for the most part most of us wouldn’t think twice about it. Unfortunately it appears that there have been some camera apps that have been abusing these permissions and are stealing photos of users.

This App Lets You Try Shoes And Walk Around With Them Using AR

The problem with shopping for clothing online is that you never really know how it will look like on you. Sure, you can imagine what it could look like, but imagining it and how it actually looks are two very different things. This is made worse when it comes to buying shoes, some of which can end up being costly mistakes.

Mario Kart Tour Been Delayed To The Summer

Last year Nintendo announced that they would be bringing the Mario Kart franchise to mobile in the form of Mario Kart Tour. It is unclear as to how the game will be played, but the popularity of the Mario Kart franchise has many interested. The game was initially pegged for a launch before the end of March 2019, but that is now no longer the case.

Samsung Trademarks Novel Feature Call ‘Celeb Alarm’

Given that most Android smartphones are powered by similar hardware, and that they all run on Android, companies need to come up with a ways to help differentiate their products from each other. It seems that Samsung could have an idea on how to do that with a feature called “Celeb Alarm”.

Facebook’s Plan To Unify Its Messaging Services Might Not Be Realized This Year

Recently there was a report on how Facebook was planning on unifying its messenger platforms, where they would be updated to share the same underlying infrastructure. The report claims that Facebook had planned to get it done by this year, but it seems that may no longer be a possibility.

Microsoft Outlook’s New Design Is Rolling Out To All iOS Users

Last year Microsoft announced that they would be revamping the design of its Outlook app on iOS. The roll out of the updated designed was a bit slow at the start, but now it seems that the update is available to all. This is according to a tweet by Michael Palermiti, Microsoft’s product lead for Outlook on iOS.

Google Also Found Offering A Data Collection App

It’s no secret that Google is collecting a ton of data on us. The more we use its services, the things we search for, the videos we watched, all of this is used to find out things about us which is then used for targeted advertising. However it seems that Google might have actually gone one step further with an app called Screenwise Meter that offered rewards to users in […]

Apple Not Allowing Facebook’s Internal iOS Apps To Run

Amid reports that Facebook was distributing an app that gathers personal data from users in exchange for $20 per month, Apple has reportedly blocked all Facebook internal apps from launching on iOS devices. This means that early releases of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc in addition to the company’s employee apps are no longer working on iOS devices.