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Twitter Could Soon Let iOS Users Customize Their App’s Icon
One of the great things about Android is that you can download icon packs and change the way your Android apps look on your home screen. This means that users can create certain themes or looks that they like, but unfortunately for iOS, you’re pretty much stuck with whatever the developer has chosen for you.

This App Can Monitor Mental Health By Tracking Your Data
Our wearables and apps can track our health to a certain degree, like how many steps we’ve taken, calories burnt, heart rate, and so on. However, thanks to the work of researchers at the Dalhousie University in Canada, they have created an app that can track the person’s mental health by monitoring your phone data.

Google Has A New App That Can Decode Hieroglyphics
Communication comes in all forms. These days the written language is pretty much how we communicate with each other, but back in the day, people used images to communicate with each other. One of the more prolific methods that most might know of would be in the form of the Egyptian’s use of hieroglyphics.

Facebook Messenger On Mobile Gets Screen Sharing
One of the features that we’re seeing in video calling apps is the ability to share your stream. While screen sharing isn’t new, we’re starting to see it become more popular and incorporated into more apps because of the lockdown, where more people are now working and studying from home.


Microsoft Is Trying To Sneak Bing Into Outlook On Android
It goes without saying that Google is probably the most used search engine on the internet. It is, of course, not the only option out there even though the competition doesn’t quite command the same market share. However, it seems that it won’t stop companies like Microsoft from trying.

Crash Bandicoot Will Be Coming To Mobile As A Runner Game
Endless runners are fun, but after a while, it tends to get stale due to the fact that there is really no “end game”. This means that players essentially keep playing until they’re bored and get a score as high as they possibly can, and this is something that Crash Bandicoot: On The Run is hoping to tackle.

Your iPhone Can Now Be Used For Motion Capture
If you thought that motion capture would be an expensive process that would require a lot of equipment, for the most part you might be right. This means that for small time or indie developers, trying to create a game involving motion capture could be out of their budgets, but Epic wants to change that.

Japanese AI App Can Tell How Good Is Your Tuna Sashimi
When you eat tuna sashimi or sushi, there are some that are more expensive, and some that are cheaper. This is due to the different grades of tuna, where usually higher-end restaurants tend to get the better/more premium cuts, and it usually takes an experienced buyer to be able to tell how good the quality is when selecting the fish.

Facebook Could Introduce Cross-Platform Messaging Between WhatsApp And Messenger
Facebook currently owns several methods of communication. They have Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, all of which allow users to message each other. However, accordion to a report from WABetaInfo, it seems that Facebook could be considering cross-platform messaging where users on Messenger could potentially communicate with users on WhatsApp.

Reddit Will Stop Copying Your Clipboard In Upcoming iOS Update
Apple loves touting the privacy of their products, and iOS 14 actually does a pretty good job of that by notifying users whenever an app accesses the clipboard on their devices. For those unfamiliar, the clipboard is basically where whenever you copy a text (or image or file) is stored temporarily.

Google Maps Could Soon Come With Traffic Light Indicators
Google Maps is great for showing you which roads to take, which paths to walk on, which trains to catch, and now it looks like it might even show you where the traffic lights are. According to a recent discovery shared on Droid-Life, it appears that Google is testing out including traffic light indicators on Google Maps.

Multitasking On The iPad With Gmail Just Got A Lot Easier
One of the features of the iPad is that it offers Split View multitasking. This means that users will be able to run apps side-by-side, but the onus also falls onto the developer of the app to ensure that it plays nicely with the feature as well. The good news for Gmail users is that it looks like Google has finally brought the feature to its iOS app.

TikTok Could Be Banned In The US
TikTok is without doubt one of the most popular social media apps available right now. (No) thanks to the pandemic, many have started to use it more than ever and have been coming up with all kinds of fun videos and various challenges on the platform. However, it looks like TikTok’s fun in the sun could be cut short.

Apple’s App Store Made Some Serious Bank During The Coronavirus Pandemic
Despite Google’s Android platform having a much larger market share, it seems that when it comes to earning money from apps, it’s hard to deny how much more lucrative Apple’s iOS platform is. A new report from Sensor Tower seems to confirm that, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.