Instagram Launches New ‘Threads’ Messaging App

Earlier this year, Instagram decided to kill off its Direct messaging app. In case you didn’t know, Direct was a standalone app designed for users to message each other through the platform. However, following the discontinuation of the app, we heard reports that Instagram had a new messaging app in the works called Threads.

How To Download Photos From Instagram

See a photo that you like on Instagram that you would like to save? Here are several methods that you can use to actually download and save Instagram photos.

Researchers Create An App That Can Detect Eye Disease In Photos

Technology has come a very long way from back in the day. These days, objects in photos can be recognized through the use of AI, and where we can search for photos based on what’s inside of them or what kind of photo it is. Thanks to the advancement of technology, researchers have also since managed to develop an app that can detect eye disease just by looking at photos.

You Will Soon Be Able To Choose Siri’s Default Phone And Messaging Apps

Considering Apple’s walled garden approach with iOS, it’s not surprising that it took the company this long to open Siri up to third-party apps and developers, but even then it’s still not quite as open compared to Alexa or Google Assistant. However, in a report from Bloomberg, it seems that Apple will soon allow users a bit more freedom and choice when it comes to Siri’s apps.


Call Of Duty: Mobile Pulls In $2 Million In Revenue Since Launch

Activision’s Call of Duty franchise is a huge one, which is why the company seems to be very eager at releasing a new title every year. More recently, the mobile version of the game was launched and if you thought that this might have diluted the franchise, it seems to have done the opposite.

The Pixel 4’s Recorder App Will Be Able To Transcribe Audio Recordings

During the time of the Google Nexus phones, the goal was to offer users a vanilla/stock version of Android. However, with the Pixel phones, Google is starting to give users more reasons to buy their devices, such as by giving them exclusive apps and features. According to a recent discovery by XDA, it seems that the Pixel 4 could come with a new and upgraded Recorder app.

iOS 13 Touch ID Bug Could Be Messing Up Banking Apps

There was a point in time where Apple would release iOS updates that were riddled with bugs. Apple later clamped down on this by promising that future updates will have better quality checks, and this was true for a while, but it’s starting to feel like things could be slipping once again.

WhatsApp Will Stop Working On Device Running iOS 8 In February 2020

If for whatever reason you are still holding onto an iOS device running iOS 8, then you might want to take note because according to WhatsApp, the company has confirmed that come 1st of February, 2020, the app will stop working for these devices, where you will need to update to iOS 9 or later if you wish to keep using it.

IKEA’s Place Augmented Reality App Gets An Upgrade

If you’ve ever wondered what a piece of furniture looks like in your home before you buy it, you might be familiar with the fact the Swedish furniture maker, IKEA, has an app called “Place” that uses augmented reality (AR) to help overlay furniture from the company’s catalogue into your room.

Google Challenges Apple With ‘Play Pass’ Subscription Service

So it has been about a week since Apple Arcade was launched. In case you are unfamiliar, Apple Arcade is a subscription service where for $4.99 a month, iOS users will be able to access an unlimited number of games, some of which are exclusive to the service. Now it looks like Google wants to take Apple on with their own service called Google Play Pass.

App That Cancels Free Trial Subscriptions Available In UK

We all have opted for some kind of free trial subscriptions at one point in time. However, even though we do not blame the free trial services, it is the auto-debit feature that kicks in after the trial ends which is super annoying. What if you forget canceling the subscription?

Somebody Used The Domino’s Pizza App To SWAT A Home

Like the majority of food delivery apps, the Domino’s Pizza app comes with the ability for customers to leave a note. This means that users can leave messages to note food allergies, extra napkins, delivery instructions, and so on. However, it seems that someone decided to use the app that resulted in a home getting swatted.

Apple Introduces Billing Grace Period For Subscriptions

Have you ever encountered billing issues with the iTunes App Store, where a subscription gets put on pause when there is an error trying to bill the credit card that you’ve attached to your account? If you have, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple will be introducing a billing grace period for App Store subscriptions.

Apple Arcade Will Be Officially Launching On September 19

Apple Arcade was initially announced in the earlier part of the year. However, Apple declined to mention when the service will be launched or how much it might cost, but today at Apple’s iPhone event, those details have since been officially confirmed.