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Man Builds Classic Video Game Cabinet With 75 Controllers [Video]
If you’re a long-time gamer, you probably know the itch we all feel from time to time to experience games we played growing up once again in our adulthood. The problem is, many of us probably don’t think twice about keeping our old video game consoles in working condition, leaving us to only dream of the good old days. If you were anywhere near as dedicated to this gamer whole […]

This Arcade Cabinet Is The Bee’s Knees
If there ever was an ultimate arcade cabinet, this is it. The creation of a certain Jack Thompson and the crew at ArcadesRFun have cobbled together the ultimate wet dream for arcade cabinet lovers, enlisting the help of a Samsung 55-inch LED/LCD Smart TV along the way, and incorporating full controls so that up to four people can play simultaneously. Not only that, the presence of a second 37″ LG […]

Space Invaders get sized down, could be smallest in the world
For those of you who grew up in the 1980s and frequented arcades that had all these large machines, asking you to feed them quarter after quarter while you master the nuances of the game itself, this is one DIY project that quite unlike the electric chair, is able to send chills down your spine. After all, we are talking about what could possibly be the smallest Space Invaders arcade […]

iCade goes through FCC testing
Walking through the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center at CES 2011 earlier this year, we managed to spot something that would turn your gaming experience on the iPad even more immersive – the iCade arcade cabinet from Ion Audio. While there was no definite release date back then, here we are with a glimpse of it under the FCC’s microscope, which means it is being prepared for a […]


Mini MAME cabinet a DIY project
Ed had some spare time on his hands, and coupled with a little bit of know how as well as a netbook that is no longer seeing much action, he decided to turn this netbook into a mini MAME cabinet for the rest of his family members to enjoy. First of all, the monitor EeePC 901’s monitor was removed so that precise measurements can be made prior to fashioning out […]

Konami unveils 3D Road Fighters
For those of you who want to enjoy stereoscopic 3D gaming after watching numerous 3D films over the course of this year and yet cannot afford a PS3 to do so, how about taking a trip down to the local arcades instead? This is applicable only if you live in Japan, where gaming giant Konami has released a 3D version of their Road Fighters games, letting you choose from a […]

Terminator Salvation Super Deluxe Model brings exclusivity to gamers
Are you a hardcore arcade gamer? Then you might be interested to find out that the Terminator Salvation Super Deluxe Model has been released by PlayMechanix. This arcade shooter game will be able to re-enact most of the thrills and spills of last summer’s blockbuster even if you’re an arcade veteran who thought that you’ve seen it all. After all, with a 6ft x 8ft projection screen, it will definitely […]

Pac-man arcade cabinet gets some LEGO love
LEGO art is gaining plenty of traction these days, and we are not surprised to see this Pac-man arcade cabinet made entirely out of LEGOs, boasting a 4-way/8-way switchable joystick, LCD display and four dozen classic arcade games from the 1980s preloaded within, letting you relive those quarter-swallowing moments with Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Galaxian, Galaga, Zaxxon, Pengo, Frogger and Burgertime among others. Doesn’t look like […]

DIY Neo Geo cabinet mod
Pocket Lucho has clearly given his all in his latest project, where this Neo Geo arcade cabinet mod certainly looks the part as a lean, mean, one-of-a-kind gaming machine. Underneath the exterior you will find a Neo Geo MVS mv1b board, a 5″ PSOne LCD display as well as Space Invaders Play TV controls. Magnets have been used to make the wiring more accessible, while the exterior design is better […]