Terminator Salvation Super Deluxe Model brings exclusivity to gamers

Are you a hardcore arcade gamer? Then you might be interested to find out that the Terminator Salvation Super Deluxe Model has been released by PlayMechanix. This arcade shooter game will be able to re-enact most of the thrills and spills of last summer’s blockbuster even if you’re an arcade veteran who thought that you’ve seen it all. After all, with a 6ft x 8ft projection screen, it will definitely send chills down your spine to see life-sized T-600 machines bearing down on you in their quest to dominate humans. Apart from that, you might want to hit the gym since there are heavy-duty recoiling rifles to keep you company, complete with a new “Clip” action reload feature that ups the realism ante. The cabinet itself comes with glowing neon rifle holders and a life-sized replica T-600 model Terminator marquee topper equipped with glowing red eyes for that menacing look. If you are like the late Michael Jackson who loves building his own arcade, the Terminator Salvation Arcade SDX Super Deluxe Model will set you back by a whopping $19,875.

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