Ed had some spare time on his hands, and coupled with a little bit of know how as well as a netbook that is no longer seeing much action, he decided to turn this netbook into a mini MAME cabinet for the rest of his family members to enjoy. First of all, the monitor EeePC 901’s monitor was removed so that precise measurements can be made prior to fashioning out a mini cabinet from MDF. The entire cabinet is then wrapped in sticky label paper that sports the classic Galaga graphics, which should leave some of you shedding a tear or two. Good thing there is plexiglass to provide some protection for the artwork while making the whole setup look pretty sleek. an iPac 2 controller board is used to wire up all the buttons and joystick, while the Maximus Arcade front end for MAME is also a snap to set up. Now this is a good way to recycle your old, unwanted netbook because an iPad has taken over its place.

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