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Archos 5 Internet tablet hacked, runs on Maemo operating system
The Archos 5 Internet tablet seems to have had an “upgrade” (this word is relative depending on which camp you’re on as you read further) where its operating system is concerned thanks to a bunch of hackers who decided to have the device run on Nokia’s Linux-based Maemo operating system instead of the standard Google Android OS which it ships with. With Maemo installed, you are able to take advantage […]

Archos 5 gets full Android Market at last
It has been a long time in coming, but Archos 5 users are finally able to gain access to the full Android Market, completing the tablet experience. This is in stark contrast to other Android-powered tablets that have limited access to free apps or even worse, none at all to the Android Market. This bodes well for the supposed flurry of Android-powered tablets that will be hitting the market later […]

Archos 5 gets 1.7.95 firmware update
While you might still be waiting for the Android 2.1 update for the Archos 5 (read our review), here is a little something to tide you over until that fateful day arrives – with the 1.7.95 firmware update that will feature a bunch of new features as detailed in the image above. We’re stoked that there is a new “deep sleep” mode that helps prolong battery life while improving Wi-Fi […]

Archos 5, an Android Tablet
Archos is currently announcing its Archos 5 tablet that runs on Android in Paris. It will feature an AppStore and has been designed to receive accessories. Update: we have been getting some official information directly from the Archos event in Paris: Archos claims that the web experience is much better than the iPhone’s (but the Archos 5 does not have a 3G connection, even if tethering is possible). Their web […]