Archos 5, an Android Tablet

Archos is currently announcing its Archos 5 tablet that runs on Android in Paris. It will feature an AppStore and has been designed to receive accessories.

Update: we have been getting some official information directly from the Archos event in Paris: Archos claims that the web experience is much better than the iPhone’s (but the Archos 5 does not have a 3G connection, even if tethering is possible). Their web browsing demonstration was quite convincing. Archos 5 supports Flash, which is a huge advantage over the iPhone (Apple has the means to support Flash but doesn’t seem compelled to do so).

Users won’t be able to connect with other computers on their network (even in DLNA?!), but in the good news, Archos will have an App Storeand they will even include the 15 best applications directly onto the device. They showed a cool demo with a GPS navigation software that includes sat. photos. It’s nice, but visually “busy”.

Look at the specifications:

  • 800×480, 4.8″ Display
  • 8GB/32GB/64GB/120GB (hdd)/500GB(hdd)
  • WiFi-N, Bluetooth
  • FM Tuner
  • 200 to 400 Euros, depending on model

Pricing and photos have leaked from bhphotovideo

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