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Samsung To Reveal Intel Atom-Powered Smartphone (Rumor)
Just about everyone knows how Samsung has built up an impressive number of Android-powered smartphones over the years, and they do not look as though they are going to stop the Android train anytime soon. However, a new rumor has been making its rounds, touting that the South Korean consumer electronics giant could be looking into the introduction of an Intel Atom-powered smartphone later in 2014 – which would be […]

Intel Reportedly Wants To Bury The Atom Brand
Rumor has it that Intel is internally pondering over whether it should finally eliminate the Atom brand name. The reason behind this move is said to be the impression of low-end products that Atom brand gives in the market. The report comes from Taiwanese publication Digitimes, which cites sources from the upstream supply chain. Intel has not officially commented on this rumor. According to the report, Intel is likely to […]

Giada F100 is a mini PC with a fanless design
JEHE, a Chinese company, has announced their latest offering, extending their Giada series of nettops through the introduction of the F100 mini PC. For those who use their computers mainly for surfing the web, word processing and playing songs, this is the target market that JEHE is aiming for with the F100, although at this point in time there is no word on how much it will cost.

Evolio outs ultra thin U9 notebook
For those in the market for a netbook, Evolio, a Romanian tablet and GPS maker, has recently outed the Evolio U9, a device which they claim to be the “world’s lightest” notebook with a weight of a mere 980g. However based on its specs, we’re inclined to refer to it more as a netbook rather than a notebook and here’s why.


Intel Tablets To Get Wireless Display
At its Intel Developer Forum, the chip giant has announced that it would bring wireless displays to its Medfield next-generation of low-power processors. Medfield is the code name for the future Atom processor. Atom has been used in Netbooks and Tablet computers running Windows, and Intel has announced that Android phones will use Atom in 2012.

New MeeGo UX shown off at IDF Beijing 2011
The folks over at attended IDF Beijing 2011 and managed to catch some MeeGo tablets on display, and spotted a MeeGo tablet with an interesting user experience (UX) layer. They recorded some video footage of it in action and it looks pretty sweet. The tablet itself is not too bad itself, with a 1.5GHz Z670 Oaktrail processor, 1GB of RAM, a 10.1″ display and a thickness of only 10mm. […]

Intel Launches Oak Trail Atom Z670 Processor
Atom Z670 - Intel has just officially launched its Atom Z670 processor (aka Oak Trail) designed for mobile devices (Tablets, Netbooks) and embedded applications

Microsoft wants Intel to develop a 16-core Atom chip
According to some reports, Microsoft is pushing Intel into developing 16-core Atom chips for their server farms. Microsoft’s data servers are currently powered by Intel Xeon server-class chips. While the Xeon processors are fast enough to power their servers, they consume a lot of power and generate a lot of heat  and these problems are a real headache when you have tens of thousands of servers. A 16-core Atom chip […]

Linutop 3 Features A Small Linux Atom PC With A Fanless Design
If you’re too lazy to install Linux on a small form factor (SFF) computer, you might want to pay the folks at Linutop to do so. The Linutop 3 is powered by a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor and runs the Linutop Linux-based operating system, offering you the usual goodies such as OpenOffice, Firefox and VLC. It’s small enough to be unobtrusive on your desk and will set you back EUR340 […]

HP Slate 500 Hands-On
HP has just made its Slate 500 slate available. It is a product designed for business and its main objective is to bring the Slate (call it a tablet if you want) form factor to the Windows market. Businesses do run Windows software and often, employees in the field carry laptops that could be replaced by lighter slates/tablets. HP Believes that the Slate 500 will improve the productivity and working […]

Intel Will Not Be Left Behind of Tablet Race
With the surge of tablets that are coming or will be coming to the market, Intel is not one to be left behind. Company CEO Paul Otellini says, “We believe that like netbooks, tablets will expand the term for computing overall with a new form factor and new uses that bring computing to even more aspects of our lives.” The company is optimistic that that it could profit from the […]

Intel Gearing Up To Churn Out 15nm Atom Processors
Intel is apparently focusing to improve its Atom processors by coming up with chips based on the 15nm process, which is a significant reduction from the 45nm process used for the current crop of Atom processors. Aside from the 15nm offerings, the company is also planning to offer a variety of 22nm chips that will be available in the market after designs of the 32nm processors have been finalized. While […]

SeaMicro server can hold 512 Intel Atom processors
SeaMicro’s latest server architecture breaks new ground as it can now hold a whopping 512 Intel Atom processors in a 10U rack mount space, where it is hoped that this move will reduce data center power and space requirements by up to a whopping 75%. Known as the new SM10000 server, it merges the aforementioned 512 Intel Atom processors, Gbit and 10-Gbit Ethernet, alongside software for management and load-balancing into […]

Intel states recommended pricing for dual core Atom netbooks
Intel has just suggested its pricing to OEMs who want to make use of their new dual core Atom processor in netbooks, citing that the 1.5GHz dual-core N550 Atom processor ought to go for between $349 and $399. Apart from that, such netbooks must remain within a 7″ to 10.2″ screen size, coupled with 1GB RAM, a 250GB hard drive or a 20GB to 30GB SSD. Will there be any […]