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At its Intel Developer Forum, the chip giant has announced that it would bring wireless displays to its Medfield next-generation of low-power processors. Medfield is the code name for the future Atom processor. Atom has been used in Netbooks and Tablet computers running Windows, and Intel has announced that Android phones will use Atom in 2012.

Intel believes that given the capabilities of the next generation tablets, it would make sense to have the ability to use more than the 7″-10″ display that is integrated in them. After all, new tablets will be easily capable of handling the 1080p (1920×1080) resolution that HDTV offers.

Although Wireless Display or WiDi is not yet a standard like WiFi, Intel believes that it will get the lion share  of the market, so it makes sense to push this capability into the market. Usually whatever Intel does becomes the standard. However, Intel’s market share in the consumer market is tiny at this point.

What would you do if you could easily beam a tablet’s content to a TV? Drop a comment at the bottom of the page.

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