SeaMicro server can hold 512 Intel Atom processors

SeaMicro’s latest server architecture breaks new ground as it can now hold a whopping 512 Intel Atom processors in a 10U rack mount space, where it is hoped that this move will reduce data center power and space requirements by up to a whopping 75%. Known as the new SM10000 server, it merges the aforementioned 512 Intel Atom processors, Gbit and 10-Gbit Ethernet, alongside software for management and load-balancing into an integrated package which can be dropped into any data center or application. The main reason they are concentrating on the Intel Atom processor is due to it being 3.2 times more efficient compared to x86-bsed processors when it comes to how much work it can do for the amount of power it uses. Anything that helps save power is a winner in our book, assuming there aren’t too many negative tradeoffs.

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