There are countless situations where you would like to continue reading a book but it would simply not be possible for you to hold one and do something else at the same time. You can’t be reading behind the wheel of a car now, can now, and this is where audiobooks come in handy. They enable you to “read” even when you’re doing something that make it impossible to physically hold a book. Amazon Prime members will now be happy to know that they can stream audiobooks from Audible as part of their subscription.

Amazon Prime members already get a lot of incentives for paying $99 per year. Aside from free two-day shipping on millions of items available on Amazon they also get access to the company’s music, video, and cloud storage services.

Select audiobooks will now also be available for free streaming as part of the incentives offered to Amazon Prime members. More than fifty audiobooks will be offered at any given time with the selection changing regularly.

Audible’s latest Channels feature is also being opened up to Prime members, Channels include ad-free podcasts, shows of different genres as well as narrated articles from some of the biggest publishers in the world.

Amazon Prime members get all this and more if they pay $99 per year for a subscription.

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