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Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar Hands-on Review at IFA GPC 19
Sennheiser unveiled its impressive and pricey soundbar in January at CES and today at IFA GPC I could get a sneak peek of the audio performance. Sennheiser is best known for the audio quality of its headphones, and with the AMBEO, the German company proves it can master great sound in a home theater system as well.

Vinci 2.0 Standalone Smart In-Ear Headphones
Inspero, the maker of the Vinci 1.5 is coming back to Kickstarter with new AI-powered headphones, this time in a thin and light form-factor.

Even Earphones Tuned to Your Audio Profile
Bringing more value to wearable technology is the key to making next-generation products more attractive. There are tons of great headphones and earphones out there, and this product category has not seen a lot of innovations in the past decades, except for 3D sound and a few unique designs such as the ORA X that combined headphones with smart glasses. Customization is also one of the key ingredients to make […]

Samsung Gear IconX Wireless Smart Earbuds
The rumor mill was very active the past few days, around Samsung’s new wearable devices, that includes the long awaited Gear Fit 2 that features a curved Super AMOLED display. Following the trend in wearable, Samsung is launching the Gear IconX, smart tiny wireless earbuds, a type of device that may bring more value to the fitness enthusiasts than a display-less connected band.The Gear IconX provides all the useful data […]


BeoPlay H8 on-ear headphones from B&O PLAY
Bang & Olufsen is introducing the BeoPlay H8 on-ear headphones, a product from its B&O PLAY brand. Users can control to the new headphones with an intuitive touch interface on the aluminum clad ear cup. By tapping and swiping, you can answer calls, control the volume, select a track or activate the noise cancellation.

BeoSound Moment, Smart Music System Match Your Mood
Bang & Olufsen is coming to CES with BeoSound Moment, an intelligent wireless music system that can play audio files and connect to online music services. The company claims that Beosound Moment is the world’s first touch-sensitive wood interface. Bang & Olufsen has a reputation to push the envelope in terms of design and I am very curious to try the intriguing touch-sensitive wood interface.  In a sea of plastic […]

Sensory Releases Combined Vision and Voice Authentication For Mobile Devices
Sensory has been developing speech recognition software solutions for the past 20 years and I had the opportunity to meet CEO Todd Mozer for a demo of TrulySecure, its  new technology that enables biometric authentication for Smartphones, tablets and PCs. Sensory TrulySecure combines voice and face recognition to unlock applications on mobile devices, and it can be used by OEMs to unlock the device itself.Sensory powers voice recognition in a […]

Future Apple EarPods Could Measure Heart Rate And Blood Pressure [Rumor]
In a pretty interesting post on Secret, which lets users post messages anonymously, it seems that Apple’s future EarPods could feature biometric sensors in them, transforming them from being mere headphones into a device that can not only pipe music into your ears, but also measure things like your heart rate and blood pressure at the same time.According to the poster, “Apple’s new EarPods will have sensors in them, for […]

Voxeet 2.0 with Dial-in Support and Voxeet for Mac - Review
Voxeet is an impressive audio conference application that provides 3DHD sound. Launched at DEMOFall 2012, Voxeet is available for free for Windows, Android and iOS, and a week ago, the company launched the Mac version alongside its 2.0 update. With Voxeet 2.0 you can get dial-in numbers that let you dial in to a conference for free from over 40 countries worldwide, or switch your call from a bad internet […]

Bang and Olufsen Reinvents the Wheel with Beosound Essence Sound System
When it comes to consumer electronics design, Bang and Olufsen is one of my favorite companies. The Danish manufacturer has been using the wheel as a key component of its devices’ user interface for decades and the iPod was probably inpired by the wheel of the BM 6000 launched in 1974.Today, Bang and Olufsen launched Beosound Essence, a wheel-shaped music sound system. In the complete article, watch the presentation delivered today at […]

SoundTouch: Easy Listening, Made by Bose
How many clicks, how many fingertaps does it take to get your favorite music playing when you come home? Any number greater than one should make you interested in Bose’s new SoundTouch technology, the audio pioneer hopes. Promising “a whole new way of enjoying your music at home,” Bose on Thursday introduced a new, wireless music system that is slated to become a company-wide standard for virtually all of Bose’s […]