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AUO 5.7-Inch WQHD AMOLED Display Spotted
It goes without saying that the display technology on your smartphone has progressed by leaps and bounds over the years, where what used to be a monochrome display is now shown off in its full High Definition color glory. AU Optronics (AUO) recently showed off its new 5.7” display that ought to make jaws drop thanks to the 2560 x 1440 pixel AMOLED display, which would certify this to be […]

AUO flashes the world's thinnest bezel display
AU Optronics, the Taiwanese TFT-LCD manufacturer, has unveiled the world’s thinnest bezel display on a smartphone. AUO harnesses its “super narrow border technology” and low temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) methodologies to significantly reduce the display border width to a mere 1mm on a 4.46-inch screen that has a 720p resolution. This, according to AUO, will make images and videos appear larger in size and better in terms of quality. “The panel […]

AUO flexible paper comes with battery pack
At one point in time, getting digital displays to be flexible proved to be quite a challenge for engineers, but it has been some time since they have already managed that feat – and now the challenge lies in making sure such flexible displays will be able to display far better resolution in addition to making sure the resolution count and color, brightness, et al, are improved constantly. AUO might […]

See-through panels are the future
The next time you check out a vending machine or a refrigerator, you might be surprised to see that the see-through panels are more than just transparent – in fact, they have been equipped to be able to display all sorts of information for you, the dear customer. Both Samsung and AU Optronics did put on display their see-through displays at FPD International 2011, where the latter exhibited both see-through […]


AUO Sipix e-paper hits 6 fps for video, might even touch 16fps
AUO has been quite the forerunner when it comes to e-paper technology, and this time around the company might just have something great up their sleeves in the form of the Sipix e-paper that is capable of touching 6fps for video, with the ability to even hit 16fps when conditions are correct. IRX Innovation has tested the brand new panel and are happy to report that it can handle video […]

AUO to produce 65-inch 3D LCD panels
AU Optronics, better known as AUO, has come up with a 65″ full HD 3D LCD panel which the company aims to enter volume production sometime in the second half of next year. This is an interesting bit of news, since it would mean the 3D revolution is ready and well positioned to take the world by storm, assuming we have 3D cameras from Sony to play with around then. […]