AUO has been quite the forerunner when it comes to e-paper technology, and this time around the company might just have something great up their sleeves in the form of the Sipix e-paper that is capable of touching 6fps for video, with the ability to even hit 16fps when conditions are correct. IRX Innovation has tested the brand new panel and are happy to report that it can handle video playback, although we don’t think that 6fps is going to cut the mustard anytime soon compared to your dedicated portable media player.

IRX engineers have also touted that this figure might even see an improvement to touch 10fps as long as you load the images into a memory buffer. What you see in the panel here has been rated at VGA resolution (480 x 640), sporting a 100Hz refresh rate and 4 levels of gray which can be improved to 16 levels in the near future.

With video playback being on offer, does this mean that children’s storybooks can now come to life better than ever before, especially on the e-paper format instead of other display technologies on tablets like the iPad?

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