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Hitachi Touro: USB 3.0 Personal Backup Cloud Solution
Cloud technology (computing on remote servers) is getting trendy nowadays and it is reaching the consumer market with brands like Iomega, which paved the way at CES 2011 with the launch of its Personal Cloud Solution. Hitachi is catching up today with the announcement of the Hitachi Touro family which includes the Pro Desktop and Pro Mobile. Both are external hard drives that are bundled with a cloud service offering.

New Motorola Droid X Gingerbread update leaked
While the official Gingerbread ROM for the Motorola Droid X leaked a couple of weeks ago, it looks like a new version of the ROM has surfaced. This version updates your Droid X to version 4.5.588, though we haven’t got a changelog about what’s different. But since it’s a different version number from the previous ROM, we can assume that there has been some changes since then. For those of […]

AVG LiveKive: yet another cloud backup system
AVG has just launched LiveKive, a cloud-drive system that’s like Dropbox and pretty much every other cloud storage service out there. Even though AVG is fashionably late to the party, it has picked up important tips from its competitors and has delivered a reliable cloud-storage backup service. Given AVG’s background in computer security, you can expect a pretty secure offering as opposed to the other service. Advertising itself as an […]

Iomega SuperHero: Backup and Charger for iPhone
[CES 2011] The SuperHero is the typical consumer tech solution that I love: not very “sexy”, super simple to use and offering a solution that makes people’s lives so much easier that you just ask yourself “why has no one thought of doing this before?”After downloading the free SuperHero iPhone Backup App, setting up some options for which contacts and photos to back up on your phone, and placing your […]


DroboPro FS Can Backup Up To 16TB Of Your Juicy Data
Data Robotics has just introduced its DroboPro FS which features the same 3U form factor as the DroboPro. Improvements in this model come in the form of a processor speed bump from 800MHz to 1GHz. A total of eight bays are offered, along with a pair of Ethernet jacks at the back. The Drobo Sync feature is included in this product which allows users to easily set up offsite backups […]

New Xbox 360 250GB Hacked To Play Backup Discs
The folks over at Microsoft might not be too happy about this, but a video (available after the jump) has surfaced claiming to have successfully patched the DVD drive in order to play burned discs on the new Xbox 360. Some folks do believe in burning a backup copy of their game DVDs so that the original disc doesn’t get damaged, but it’s worth remembering that circumventing DRM isn’t always […]

HP MediaSmart Server EX495 Review
Although home servers can be very convenient for managing files and backups, they are still not ubiquitous in homes and small businesses. The main reasons for that: home servers can sometimes be a pain to setup and manage. They have also been PC-centric, which is a turn off for a growing number of Mac users. For the past couple of years, HP has been working really hard to make things […]

Comcast Secure Backup & Share online file backup service
Comcast has rolled out its online file backup service known as Secure Backup & Share, targeting its range of broadband Internet customers. It is interesting enough that Comcast seemed to have forgotten about their bandwith cap and “network management techniques”, that through the offer of such plans (Preferred 50GB plan which is $4.99 monthly or $49.99 yearly, and the Premier 200GB plan which is $9.99 monthly or $99.99 yearly) as […]

Cloud storage nightmare with Flickr
In silicon valley, you can’t have a conversation in a group (of geeks) without hearing about a cloud-fanatic who’s going to get rid of all local storage and live “in the cloud”. Sounds cool, but that shouldn’t prevent one from doing backups. A Flickr user learned the hard way when his account got hacked and 3000 of his photos were deleted by the hacker, who also closed his account. The […]

LaCie 5big Update Reaches 10TB
We loved the look of the LaCie 5big (and the smaller 2big too), but we all know that real beauty is on the inside and in this latest incarnation, the storage got a bump to 10TB for the 5big (5 hard disks in a RAID array). If you’re not familiar with these devices, they are accessible from a Gigabit Ethernet network and come with backup software. It is compatible with […]