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How To Backup Gmail Accounts (+Restore)
It is quite common practice to upload all your important data on Email services in order to use them when required. This is quite handy, you can easily access the information and you will not have to worry about protecting a physical storage device. However, it seems we are forgetting that mistakes and accidents happen all the time, even if it is a Cloud service.If you are depending on email […]

How To Backup Windows Drivers
In Windows, drivers basically allow hardware and external devices to communicate with the PC. They provide commands and without them, those devices will never work properly. The type of driver that you need depends on the device you are attaching, and each device or hardware has its own required driver.The good thing is, drivers are (almost always) completely free, and you can download them whenever you like. However, the process of […]

How To Backup Android Phones
Backing up your phone is a sound decision that will help you in the future. Android phones are definitely not made of Adamantium and a good strike can easily make them useless.Accidents with phones happen more often than you think. What if you slip your phone out of your car’s window, at the speed of 80km/h! (Not while driving, of course). Or may be you just need to Factory Reset […]

Cassette tape makes a return to the data storage scene
Many years ago, when it came to making backup of your computer data and hard disks came in sizes of 4MB (while costing hundreds of dollars), a far cheaper way for organizations to ensure their digital data remains preserved would be to used cassette tape recorders. These might be slow and clunky, but they had two main advantages – they’re far cheaper compared to hard disks, and had a whole […]


Cloud Shredder keeps your files secure
Making sure that your data is safe can be a tricky issue. If you leave it on your hard disk, anybody who steals your computer or hacks into it will gain access to it. If you keep it on the cloud, anybody who hacks the service or obtains your login details can have access to it. How would you solve a problem like this?

BerryMover app imports Blackberry data into iPhone
If you’re a current Blackberry owner who is making the jump over to the iPhone 4/ 4S, you might be worried about importing data from your Blackberry device. For starters, not only is the iPhone a completely different platform, but it does not feature any memory card slots, which means that you will not be able to easily insert your memory card along with all your data.

LaCie announces the LaPlug
If you’re sick of having to plug and unplug various hard drives and thumb drives from your computer, and you would like a more wireless/cloud storage based system set up in your own home, LaCie has debuted their LaPlug, which is essentially LaCie’s answer to the PogoPlug, so if you’re looking for an alternative solution, perhaps the LaPlug might have something different to offer you.

Apple store accidentally gives customer hard drive with top secret files
Apple seems to have this nasty habit of losing their products – last year with the iPhone 4, and this year they have supposedly misplaced the iPhone 5 (although this has yet to be verified), and now it seems that they accidentally gave away a hard drive full of the Apple Store’s internal file server that is supposedly filled with top secret and confidential documents, and this is how it […]

HTC purchases mobile backup service developer, Dashwire
While HTC is still under fire from Apple due to alleged patent infringement, it doesn’t look like the Taiwanese manufacturer is letting those problems get in the way of its business. It has been recently reported that HTC has purchased a Seattle company named Dashwire. Known for developing a platform that lets users back up data created on their phones to the cloud, Dashwire will become a subsidiary of HTC. […]

Google user's account deleted: 7 years of digital life gone
As wonderful as cloud services might be, we’re always constantly reminded to not use them as our main backup and for a very good reason, as a man named Dylan M. had to find out the hard way. He recently discovered that his Google account was disabled due to alleged violation of some Google Terms of Service when he claimed that he had done nothing wrong with his Google account.

Loss of phone contacts is biggest nightmare (study)
Plaxo, the company behind – the world’s leading online address book has recently released the results of a study it performed, which brought to light some interesting findings. According to its study, 55% of people cited that the biggest hassle with a lost phone is the replacement of contacts. Which seems fair enough, seeing how most people aren’t using smartphones yet, and they don’t have their contacts backed up […]

Clickfree C6 backup solution might save you a lot of heartache
We know that in this digital age, our data is more sensitive than ever before – although it is also a whole lot easier to make a backup of. Imagine Leonardo da Vinci back in his day, requiring to make a back up of his ideas and notes? Instead of writing copies of them all over again (with the risk of making a mistake), he could just copy the digital […]

Microsoft My Phone service for Windows Mobile 6.x to be discontinued this summer
Bad news for all you folks who are using the My Phone Service for Windows Mobile 6.x devices: Microsoft has announced that it will be discontinuing the service this coming summer. In August 7th, My Phone backups will stop, and on October 6th, the My Phone website will be taken offline. Since it’s only June now, you’ve got plenty of time to retrieve all the files that you plan to […]

ioSafe SoloPRO keeps your data safe from fires and water
If you work in a hazardous area, or live in a place that’s prone to accidents, it’s important you you’re your data backed up – especially if you work with important files. While the cloud is a good alternative for storage, what do you do if you have loads of files that you need to transfer on a daily basis? Uploading a few hundred gigs of data is going to […]