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Barnes & Noble Launches Smallest And Cheapest Nook Yet
Barnes & Noble is one of the few companies that makes Amazon Kindle rivals and it continues to roll out new models. The company today launched a new Nook which happens to be the smallest and cheapest one that it has ever released. It has a 7 inch display and a price tag of $49.99. It follows the one that the company launched last month, at 10.1 inches, it had […]

Barnes and Noble to unveil 8GB Nook Tablet 22nd February
Barnes and Noble’s Nook Tablet is better than Amazon’s Kindle Fire, at least on paper. However with it being priced at $50 more than the Kindle Fire, those with tighter purse strings or those who aren’t too fussed about specs will probably see the Kindle Fire as better value for money. However it looks like Barnes and Noble isn’t too pleased about being shown up by their rival and will […]

Nook Color Preview
Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor, the first full color ebook reader, presents a series of dilemmas for interested buyers. B&N referred to it as a tablet, but NOOKcolor is really more like half a tablet. It literally is a read-only device. It displays text, PDF and Microsoft Office files, plays any MPEG-4 video (no Flash), plays MP3 and AAC music, plays animations. It surfs the Web using the Android browser (which […]

Nook Color just announced
In a fanciful introductory event filled with swirling dancers, Barnes & Noble introduced the Nook Color, a full color ebook reader with a 7-inch color LCD and runs a version of the Android smartphone OS. It goes on sale on Nov. 19, but pre-orders are now being accepted. The question is, can or will this ebook reader somehow morph into a tablet PC? B&N is calling it both a tablet […]


Blackboard And Barnes & Noble Partner To Streamline Access To Digital Content
Barnes & Noble has been rather busy recently, and hot on the heels of its announcement of its NOOKstudy, the company has announced a partnership with education firm Blackboard, which aims to make it easier for students to access and use interactive e-textbooks as part of their online course experience. They will be working together to enable students to access and purchase e-textbooks and other course related materials directly from […]

Barnes & Noble Introduces Its NOOKstudy Reading Platform
Barnes & Noble has announced its NOOKstudy online reading and study platform for students. The program allows students to manage eBooks and notes all in one place. Since users will be able to access their textbooks, lecture notes, syllabi, slides and images etc all from one place, it should make going to college more relaxing and enjoyable as students won’t have to carry those heavy textbooks around. Other useful features […]

Sony Considering The Possibility Of A Tablet Device To Compete With The iPad
While Sony doesn’t seem to have any concrete plans on releasing a tablet device to rival Apple’s iPad just yet, that doesn’t mean that the company isn’t keeping tabs on the situation. In a recent interview, a senior VP has confirmed that the company plans to assess how the market adapts to Apple’s iPad first, though we must say that selling 1 million iPads in under a month should pretty […]

Official: Target To Sell Amazon Kindle On April 25th
Looks like the rumors of Amazon offering its Kindle eBook reader in Target stores was true, as it has been officially confirmed today. With that confirmed, the six-inch version of the Kindle will be hitting Target’s pioneering store in Minneapolis, as well as 102 other stores in southern Florida. The good news is that the pricing at stores will be the same as the online price, which is $259. This […]

Color E-ink Display Pictured
Have we moved one step closer to color eBook readers? PVI, the company who makes the e-ink displays for Amazon’s Kindle, is now showing off its 6-inch and 9.7-inch color e-ink displays for eBook readers at a trade show in Shenzhen, China. The displays on demo are able to handle animated color clips, albeit the refresh rate of the display was far from good enough to handle video. PVI has […]

Barnes & Noble Nook Gets v1.2 Firmware Update
Folks who own a Barnes & Noble Nook will want to take note that the new Nook 1.2 firmware update is now available, and a leaked internal memo from Barnes & Noble also gives some information on the latest firmware update. According to some folks who have already installed v1.2 on the Nook, the benefits include the pages loading noticeable faster, and the touchscreen also seems more responsive. Aside from […]

Amazon Relents On Macmillan Price Dispute
Are you satisfied with the $9.99 price point of eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle, or do you think that publishers should be allowed to price the books higher? Every consumer wants to get the best deal, us included, unfortunately it seems that Macmillan are in the midst of a little dispute with Amazon at the moment, as Macmillan wants to offer some eBooks at $12.99 to $14.99, but Amazon would like […]

Nook e-book reader from Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble has finally made its Nook e-book reader official, where it will come with a pair of displays (don’t confuse this with the Spring Design Alex), where the top will be a 16-color e-ink screen while the bottom is a full color 3.5″ touchscreen LCD display which will be used to check out your library’s contents or even function as a virtual keyboard (albeit a tiny one) for […]