Color E-ink Display Pictured

Have we moved one step closer to color eBook readers? PVI, the company who makes the e-ink displays for Amazon’s Kindle, is now showing off its 6-inch and 9.7-inch color e-ink displays for eBook readers at a trade show in Shenzhen, China. The displays on demo are able to handle animated color clips, albeit the refresh rate of the display was far from good enough to handle video. PVI has already shown the screens to Amazon and Barnes & Noble, though there wasn’t any confirmation as to whether it will be used for future eBook readers. These color screens obviously consume more energy than the monochrome e-ink displays, but it’s still less than the energy consumption of LCD panels. PVI is predicting mass production of these displays to begin in Q4 of 2010. Will the next generation of eBook readers sport color e-ink displays?

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