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Amazon Germany Lists Batman: Arkham Knight Game Of The Year Edition
So Warner Bros. Batman: Arkham Knight might not necessarily have been off to the best start, but for those who have yet to experience the game for themselves, its developers have come a long way in terms of fixing the issues, and if you’d rather not collect every DLC one by one, perhaps the Game of the Year edition might be of interest to you.

Batman: Arkham Knight For Mac & Linux Cancelled
Warner Bros’ Batman: Arkham Knight was launched on the PC with a lot of issues, but eventually it did find its way back onto the platform. Now we’re sure there were some Mac and Linux gamers who were hoping that by catching these bugs and issues that when the game arrived on their platforms, it would be problem-free.

Last DLC For Batman: Arkham Knight Coming Tomorrow
Batman: Arkham Knight has proven to be one of the best games released for consoles even though the PC port had more than its fair share of troubles. Rocksteady has continued to release DLCs for the console versions while sales of the PC port were halted and subsequently no DLC was released for players on that platform. Players on consoles will get the final Batman: Arkham Knight DLC tomorrow which […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Gets New DLC This Month
Batman: Arkham Knight is a pretty awesome game provided that you have only played it on a gaming console, the title was released for PC but it ran into a whole host of troubles from the get go that forced sales of this title to be suspended. In the meantime work on downloadable content for the game has continued and it has now been confirmed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment when […]


No Support For SLI Or Crossfire For Batman: Arkham Knight
Batman: Arkham Knight made its way back onto the PC late last month, however it was discovered that even though most of the major issues that were affecting the game had been fixed, there were still issues remaining. While we suppose technically not an issue, Warner Bros. stated that they were working to include SLI and Crossfire support.According to the publisher last month, “We are still working with our GPU […]

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Full Refunds Valid Until Dec 31
Batman: Arkham Knight for the PC has made its way back to Steam. Most of the major bugs that broke the game appear to have been fixed, and based on initial feedback the game is pretty playable. However there are some issues that remain that some players are apparently unhappy about.So much so that Warner Bros. has announced that players who are still unhappy with the PC version of the […]

Batman: Arkham Knight For PC Returns With Some Lingering Issues
As you might have heard, Warner Bros. has officially reinstated Batman: Arkham Knight for the PC. Granted this did take them quite a while, but we suppose it’s better than nothing, right? The good news is that all the major issues that caused the game to be pulled have since been addressed, but at the same time there are still some issues that remain.In a post on Steam, Warner Bros. […]

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Re-Release Confirmed
Batman: Arkham Knight is a pretty solid game as long as you’ve playing it on a console, I couldn’t get enough of it on the PlayStation 4, but PC gamers had an entirely different experience. The title was plagued with issues from the get go and Warner Bros., which was reported to have knowledge of the issues months before launch, was forced to suspend sales of the PC version. It has […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Will Get Ben Affleck's Costume And Batmobile
Batman: Arkham Knight has been a great success, at least on consoles, as per a recent report the title may have moved over five million copies globally even though sales of the PC version were suspended soon after release. The developers have done a great job of adding Batsuits from the entire franchise, ranging from those that have only appeared in comics to the 1989 Keaton film. In the next […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Reportedly Moved Five Million Copies Globally
Batman: Arkham Knight is a pretty solid game, it received great reviews upon launch though only for the console version since the PC version was riddled with issues from the start which ultimately forced Warner Bros. to suspend sales of the title on PC. That doesn’t appear to have had a major impact on the title’s performance because according to a new report Batman: Arkham Knight moved more than five million copies […]

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Sales Will Resume Late October
According to a report from last week, it would seem that Warner Bros. might have accidentally let slip that sales of Batman: Arkham Knight for the PC will be resuming soon. In case you were thinkin that maybe a rep misspoke and it might not be true, fret not because it is, thanks to a recent update on Steam.According to Warner Bros., they have confirmed that the sales of the […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Will Be Returning To The PC
As many have heard due to the various issues plaguing the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight, Warner Bros. was forced to suspend the sales of the game. This meant that gamers who didn’t buy the game are now no longer able to, which we suppose is for their own good given the mess it was in.The developers of the game have since issued a patch that appears to have […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Interim PC Patch Released
Yesterday we reported that someone had let the cat out of the bag a bit early. And by cat, we meant the interim PC patch for Batman: Arkham Knight. The good news is that if you were wondering when the actual patch would be released, you won’t have to wait anymore as it has been officially released.According to a post on Steam, “Good news – testing for the interim patch […]

Early Batman: Arkham Knight PC Patch Found Promising
A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Warner Bros. was getting ready to release an interim patch for the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. Based on what the patch was promised to deliver, it sounds as though it could finally address all the issues that many PC gamers had with the game upon its launch.No date was given for the patch, but it seems that someone might have […]