Batman: Arkham Knight is a very solid game provided you’re playing it on a console because the PC version of this game was riddled with problems the day it was released. Reports have suggested that Warner Bros. was aware of the issues months before launch but pushed ahead with it anyway. Work continues to fix these issues but it’s going to take time, a lot of time if an internal email from a games retailer is to be believed.

Soon after the issues picked up steam in the media Warner Bros. decided to suspend sales of the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight and it has also delayed the first DLC for PC since the first priority is to fix the issues.

The internal email from Australian retailer EB Games says that the latest information from Warner is that “the updates won’t be available until Spring,” and due to this the retailer has decided to recall all PC stock from its stores to return to the vendor.

In case you’re unaware how things function down under, Spring in Australia begins September 1st, which means here in the U.S. we’ll have to wait until the fall for the PC version to be fixed.

Warner Bros. has already apologized for the dismal state of affairs as far as the PC version is concerned but it’s unclear if it has any plans to compensate gamers on PC for the troubles they continue to face.

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