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BlackBerry Could Be Planning Subscription-based BBM Sticker Packs
Stickers are a fun way to spice up your text messages. They’re like emojis but bigger, and in some instances animated as well. We’ve seen apps such as Facebook Messenger, LINE, KakaoTalk, introduce stickers, and it wasn’t too long ago that BBM introduced stickers as well. However it looks like BlackBerry wants to try and monetize it by creating some kind of subscription plan.According to reports, it has been noticed […]

July Was One Of The Strongest Months For BlackBerry Messenger Growth
BlackBerry’s hardware division hasn’t exactly been doing well over the past couple of years but the company did make one good decision and that was to spinoff BlackBerry Messenger as a separate division. This has allowed the company to improve its cross-platform messaging service considerably and add more value to it. As the company gears up to celebrate BBM’s 10th birthday this month it has revealed that July was one […]

BBM Users Will Soon Be Able To Send Money Using PayPal
Spinning off BBM as a separate division was a good move by BlackBerry, it enabled the cross-platform instant messenger to quickly expand its user base and also receive innovative new features that were previously not available. It already facilities instant mobile payments through BBM Money and even has the option to send prepaid mobile credit in certain markets. Soon BBM users will be able to send money to each other […]

Major BBM Update Rolls Out Across All Platforms
Over the past couple of months, BlackBerry has been working on several new features for the BBM messaging client, such as Private Chat. Well the good news is that if you’re a fan of BBM and were looking forward to this update, you’re in luck as BlackBerry has officially announced that they will be rolling out the update across all devices.The update will finally introduce Private Chat to users who […]


Latest BBM Beta For iOS Introduces Private Chat Feature
It seems that BlackBerry’s BBM messaging platform has been placing a lot of emphasis on privacy. According to the latest BBM Beta for iOS, it looks like the company has added a new feature in the form of Private Chat. As the name implies, this allows users to create a private chat where contact information is hidden and where message notifications are delivered discreetly.Messages will also be erased upon when […]

BBM For Android Beta Gets Material Design Makeover
If you might recall, last week the official BBM Twitter account teased that something new was coming along with an image of an icon. It was unconfirmed at that time but many had speculated that the BBM for Android app could be getting a material design makeover. It looks like the speculators were right as BlackBerry has officially announced it on their blog.As you can see in the image above, […]

BBM Teases “Something New” Announcement On Twitter
It seems that BlackBerry might have something new to announce with regards to BBM. The official BBM Twitter account has recently tweeted an image followed by a caption that reads, “Something new is coming…” While we’re not sure what this means, based on the icon it has been speculated by the folks at N4BB that we might be looking at a Material Design update for the Android version of the […]

BBM For iPhone Returns To The App Store
Late last night the BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone app was mysteriously pulled from the App Store. It didn’t make any sense since the app has been available for download through the App Store for quite some time now, some chalked it up as a glitch and remained hopeful that BBM would soon make its return. Indeed it has, BBM for iPhone is once again live on the App Store and can […]

BlackBerry Introduces Social Gaming To BBM For Android
These days messaging apps are no longer just messaging apps, they act as platforms in which we can do more than just send messages to friends. For example WhatsApp has finally added voice calls, LINE has launched a variety of complementary apps and services for its messenger, Facebook introduced stickers, and now BlackBerry has decided to introduce social gaming to its BBM platform.Dubbed BBM Connect games, the Canadian company has […]

BBM Found To Retain More Users Than Other Messaging Apps
In terms of being loyal to a particular messenger app, who do you think comes out on top? One might think WhatsApp could be leading given that they are boasting over 700 million monthly active users, but as it turns out the winner in terms of app loyalty is none other than BlackBerry’s BBM!This is according to data published mobile analytics provider Quettra who found out that BBM had the […]

BBM Reportedly Helps Uncover Corruption Scandal In Brazil
Messaging apps are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family members, also with business partners, clients, suppliers, and so on. However it seems that despite how some messengers such as BBM reportedly being very secure, sometimes it just doesn’t pay to conduct your dirty business over such platforms.According to reports, it seems that over in Brazil, law enforcement authorities have managed to uncover a corruption scandal […]

BBM Protected Now Works With iOS And Android
BlackBerry Messenger is no longer exclusive to the company’s own devices. It is available for rival platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. However some BBM features start off by being exclusive to BlackBerry smartphones. One of those features is now being expanded to the iOS and Android apps. BBM Protected is available for both popular mobile platforms..

BBM For iPhone Update Brings Custom PINs And Lets Users Pay To Remove Ads
As many of us are well aware now the BlackBerry Messenger is no longer exclusive to the company’s own devices. BBM is cross-platform and available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Recently the company announced that BBM has been downloaded more than 100 million times on Android. No word of its performance on iOS nevertheless today an update has been released which brings the ability to get custom PINs if […]

BBM For Android Has Been Installed Over 100 Million Times
It was back in October 2013 when BBM first made its way to Android. After decades BlackBerry had decided to take its iconic BlackBerry Messenger cross-platform. Now it’s available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Today the company announced that its Android app has crossed a major milestone. BBM for Android has been installed more than 100 million times.