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Beats Unveils Wireless Solo2 Headphones
In May this year Beats launched a successor to its popular headphones model Beats Solo. According to the Apple-owned company Solo2 is the most popular headphone model on the market. Solo also happens to be the most popular lineup that this company sells and today it adds yet another model. We had heard rumors about a wireless model and that’s exactly what Beats is announcing today.

HP Slate 7 Beats Special Edition Spotted On WiFi Alliance Website
Back in 2013, HP announced a series of tablet models that are part of its HP Slate 7 series of Android tablets. Now it seems that HP could be getting ready to launch a new version of the Slate 7 tablet, thanks to a recent sighting on the WiFi Alliance website which revealed that the device recently gained certification.The exact specifications of this particular model remain a mystery, but if […]

Beats Audio Will Make It To The HTC One Max
For a while now, HTC and Beats Audio have had a relationship in which the handset manufacturer will incorporate Beats Audio technology into their phones, and in some cases even bundle Beats Audio headphones with their devices. However recently Beats Audio bought back HTC’s stake in their company for $265 million and we’re sure some of you guys are wondering if this signifies an end to the partnership between HTC […]

Beats Audio purchases MOG for $14 million
We’ve heard rumors over the past few months that HTC had bought MOG, and today the news surfaced that it has finally become official. HTC, through its subsidiary Beats Audio, has bought up MOG for $14 million. This number is a little surprising at first since MOG raised $33 million throughout its entire existence. The low number could be the result of Beats Audio splitting up MOG into two separate companies. […]


Beats Audio hacked onto the Motorola Photon 4G
One of the perks of owning HTC’s recently launched series of Android smartphones is that they come with Beats Audio integration. Well if you’re not really a fan of HTC’s products but you’d like that feature, you’re in luck as the Beats Audio has been successfully hacked onto the Motorola Photon 4G.

HTC Rezound headphone problems appear to be isolated
Just yesterday we reported that there were some complaints regarding the HTC Rezound. A quick recap for those who may not have been aware – there were complaints that suggested interference or static when listening to music or audio while using headphones together with the HTC Rezound. While there are indeed complaints from several HTC Rezound owners, the problem appears to be less widespread than what was initially thought. According […]

HTC Rezound reported to have sound issues
One of the interesting features (and probably more advertised) of the HTC Rezound is its Beats Audio integration. With HTC purchasing a major stake in the audio company, it was only natural that they would include the technology along with a pair of Beats headphones to be used along with the phone. While initial impressions of the phone (based on reviews) remained somewhat good, it appears that there are growing […]

HP Pavilion dm4 Beats Edition
HP ‘s Beats audio is heavily featured across all its PC lines, and today the computer manufacturer unveiled its new dm4 Beats Edition. Featuring a sleek all-black chassis with subtle touches of “Beats red” here and there, the notebook for audiophile packs good performance for less than $1000.Powered by the latest Intel Core processors with optional AMD Radeon HD7470M discrete graphic, the HP Pavilion dm4 Beats Edition features a 14-inch […]

HTC Rezound pre-production model unboxing
With about two days to go before HTC’s 3rd of November event, it seems that one person has managed to get their hands on a pre-production model of the HTC Rezound, and has uploaded an unboxing video to YouTube, which you can view below after the break. The HTC Rezound will be one of HTC’s Beats Audio integrated Android smartphones, and while it has yet to be officially announced, many […]

HTC Rezound reappears in the FCC with a wireless charging back cover
The HTC Rezound is expected to make an appearance at the HTC event on the 3rd of November. Since the device has been rumored to feature Beats Audio integration, and with the HTC event featuring the Beats Audio logo, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to think that the device would be officially unveiled at the event, but here’s something that we may not have known about the device, […]

HTC will release Beats Audio API to developers
With our phones being more than capable of doubling up as our portable media player, it made sense that HTC tried to give themselves an edge over the competition by purchasing a majority stake in Beats Audio, which they then integrated into several of their upcoming phones. While we have no doubts that Beats Audio will be bringing an improvement to audio quality on selected HTC handsets, is there a […]

HTC PI39200 spotted at the FCC
The 6th of October is when HTC is expected to announce a Beats Audio integrated handset tomorrow at their event held in London. Many are saying it is more than likely it will be the HTC Runnymede, which will most likely be known as the HTC Sensation XL when it hits the market. Interestingly, a certain HTC handset has been spotted at the FCC sporting the model number PI39200.

HTC UK event will be about a Beats Audio device
About a week ago, HTC launched the HTC Rhyme at an event held in New York, and shortly after they announced another event. This time the event will be held on the 6th of October in the UK. It was unknown at that time what HTC had planned to unveil during the event, but thanks to new invites being sent out, it seems that it is without doubt that come […]

HTC working on integration Beats Audio into their Windows Phone devices
So we know that HTC has plans to launch several new Windows Phone 7.5 handsets – namely the HTC Titan and the HTC Radar, but oddly enough given HTC’s partnership with Beats Audio, no Beats Audio technology integration was found on either WP7 handset, at least not according to their specs.