We reported last week that HTC had plans to introduce the HTC Sensation XE, an Android device that’s basically an upgrade to the HTC Sensation, and at the same time would be sporting Beats Audio technology integrated into it. If you only just got your hands on the HTC Sensation and you’re feeling a little cheated by the announcement, not to worry as there is a ROM now available that will turn your Sensation into the Sensation XE.

For those wondering what the big deal about the Beats Audio integration is about, basically what it does is that when a Beats Audio product, such as headphones, is plugged into the device, it will automatically switch over to a Beats Audio profile which supposedly has been optimized to get the best sound possible out of your Beats Audio headphones. If you’re running about with a pair of Beats by Dre or Beats Solo headphones, or any Beats headphones for that matter, it should work for you.

The ROM was developed by XDA Recognized Developer mike1986 and not only will this ROM give your HTC Sensation Beats Audio technology, it will overclock your device to 1.5GHz with apparent real dual-core support. It also brings about improved Adreno200 configuration, a speed tweak for your SD Card, and it also sees the 3D Engine overclocked from 266.6MHz to 320MHz.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, we’re thinking perhaps this is something you might want to pass on, but if you’re curious or if you’ve experience with these sorts of things, head on down to the forum thread for more information.

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