nexus9-benchmarkIt seems that the upcoming Nexus X device that will be manufactured by the folks over at Motorola has seen a fair amount of rumors on it circulating recently, but what about the upcoming Nexus tablet? Not too much has been revealed about it, but a CPU-Z report that has something to do with a certain Nexus 8.9 has pointed to such an Antutu benchmark leak which might just pique your interest.

In the AnTuTu leak, it points to the tablet being powered by a Tegra K1 Denver, which so happens to be a 64-bit processor that packs quite a punch. Not only that, your eyes will definitely be rocking to a 1,440 x 2,560 display resolution, which would lend additional weight to its claim of running on Android L (Android 5.0), although the name Lemon Meringue Pie remains to be seen whether it will stick or not.

In the AnTuTu benchmark leak, it also pointed out that this tablet managed a 45,923 points tally, which does not rank it too high up on the list, but it is certainly no cause to be alarmed as similar to other benchmarks in the past, Google has not yet optimized its software when it comes to benchmarks tests, which is quite unlike what other manufacturers tend to participate in. Apart from that, the alleged Nexus 9 also sported an IMEI number (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity), which is normally granted to devices that feature cellular connectivity, after taking into consideration that Google tended to roll out Wi-Fi only models first before a cellular-enabled one later. Perhaps things are changing for the better in 2014?

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