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Best Buy Offering Great Deal On Google's Pixel Smartphones
The Pixel smartphones were Google’s worst kept secret and the internet search giant finally unveiled its “Made by Google” smartphones yesterday. These handsets are independent of the Nexus program and Google has already said that it has no plans to launch any more Nexus handsets. It remains to be seen how customers receive this handset once it hits the market and if you’re someone who is interested in picking one […]

350 Best Buy Stores Will Open At Midnight For PlayStation VR Release
Sony’s virtual reality headset is going to be released next month and retailer Best Buy wants to cash in on the hype. It has confirmed some good news today for people who have been waiting to get their hands on the PlayStation VR. The retailer is going to open 350 of its stores across the country at midnight to enable customers to purchase the PlayStation VR. Stores will open at […]

Best Buy Delays iPhone 7 Plus Pre-Orders, Offers $100 Promo Code
If there is one thing that iPhone customers could more or less count on, is that if you missed out on pre-ordering the iPhone and the shipping times have slipped, you could always try your luck at launch day at Apple’s Retail Stores. Unfortunately this year demand appears to be much higher than expect and as you might have heard, the jet black iPhone 7 Plus has sold out already.

Best Buy Is Giving Away An Xbox One S With A 55 Inch LG 4K TV
If you’re in the market for a new TV you might want to check out a new offer that’s just gone live over at Best Buy. The retailer is offering an Xbox One S for free with every purchase of a 55 inch LG 4K TV. This is the updated version of Microsoft’s console that was released only about a month ago so this offer provides great value for money. […]


Best Buy Will Demo Oculus Rift At 500 Stores Across The US
Best Buy was one of the first retail partners that Oculus signed up to demonstrate its Rift virtual reality headset. It first started demoing the Rift back in May at select locations across the country but the retailer is now going all in. Best Buy is going to demo Oculus Rift headsets at 500 stores across the United States in time for the lucrative holiday season.

Best Buy Lists The Galaxy Note 7
Just in case you weren’t already aware that Samsung will soon be releasing a new flagship handset, Best Buy would like to remind you that the Galaxy Note 7 is coming out soon. The retailer published a pre-order page for the handset today with a “coming soon” message but pulled it quickly after it went live. It appears someone jumped the gun over at Best Buy since pre-order information won’t […]

Best Buy Offers Deals To Compete With Amazon Prime Day
Amazon introduced Prime Day last year, it’s a day it has created to offer exclusive deals to Prime members. It saw more orders being placed on Prime Day last year than on Black Friday which makes sense for it to make Prime Day an annual thing. It’s back today – July 12th – and to steal Amazon’s thunder Best Buy is also offering some discounts on a variety of electronics.

Apple Watch Discounted To $49 At Best Buy
There’s a good promotion being offered to Best Buy customers who are looking to purchase a new Apple Watch. Even if you’re not looking to buy one for yourself perhaps you might want to take advantage of this promotion for Father’s Day. Best Buy is discounting the Apple Watch by $250 and offering it for $49, but there’s a caveat.

Oculus Rift Will Be Available From Best Buy This Week
Oculus has now announced retail availability of its first headset, confirming that the Oculus Rift is going to be available from Best Buy later this week. 48 Best Buy locations across the United States will start offering demos of the Rift and they will also have an “extremely limited” supply of Rift units that customers will be able to purchase.

LG G5 Pre-Orders Go Live At Best Buy On March 18th
It was only a couple of days ago that LG confirmed that it’s going to release its new flagship smartphone in the United States next month. The LG G5 and its “Friends” will go on sale in the country early next month, it didn’t provide precise release dates and prices, leaving that up to retailers and carriers. One of the largest retailers in the United States has now confirmed when […]

Best Buy And Verizon Start Shipping Galaxy S7 Pre-Orders
Samsung has selected March 11th as the official release date for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge but most of its carrier and retail partners don’t appear to be sticking to that date. T-Mobile was the first carrier in the country to start shipping pre-orders with AT&T and Sprint following suit soon after. It’s the same story in countries across Europe, many carriers and retailers are shipping the new […]

Best Buy Starts Taking LG G5 Pre-Orders From March 18th
LG unveiled its new flagship handset on the very same day that Samsung came out with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. It will be very interesting to see how both handsets perform in the market once they’re released. Most of Samsung’s carrier and retail partners have already confirmed pricing and availability for the new handsets, details are slim about the LG G5 right now, but Best Buy has […]

Best Buy Offering $100 Gift Card With Xbox One
If you’ve been meaning to purchase an Xbox One and didn’t take advantage of the plethora of deals that were offered during the holiday season then you might want to consider what Best Buy is offering right now. The retailer has kicked off a new promotion in honor of Presidents Day and is giving away a $100 gift card with each purchase of the Xbox One.

Best Buy Selling The Apple Watch For $49
The holiday shopping season is in full swing these days, folks are out and about to get their Christmas shopping done, some of the best gadgets to come out this year are on many lists. The Apple Watch is surely a product that is going to be on a lot of those lists, and if you happen to have it on yours, then you might want to check out Best […]