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Paid Music Streams Will Be Given More Weight On Billboard Charts
Billboard is making some changes to the way it counts streaming music when compiling its popular music charts. The Billboard Hot 100 chart gives more weight to the on-demand streaming music tier as opposed to the programmed tier. Starting next year, the company will take into account a new tier before compiling the charts.

Androidify Yourself Ad, Now In Times Square
Remember how we mentioned the new billboard that was unveiled at New York City’s Times Square more than a week ago? Well, that particular electronic billboard is the largest of its kind to date, where it is large enough to cover the whole city block. There is value in being the first, and Google happens to be the very first company to be featured on this humongous display.

Billboard & Nielsen's Charts To Take Into Account Music And Video Streaming
Back in the day music consumption came from purchasing an album in the store, going over to your friend’s house and listening to it, or hearing it on radio. Nowadays we have more options – we can watch a music video on the likes of YouTube or Facebook, we can purchase songs individually or albums via the internet as digital downloads, and we can also stream music via services such […]

Times Square Gets New Digital Billboard
The Times Square in New York is an iconic place to be, not only in American folklore, but also in the eyes of the world. After all, that is where the ball drops each New Year, and it is a focal point for advertisers to ply their wares, taking into consideration the number of eyeballs that pass through that place every single hour of the day. When it comes to […]


Billboard Helps Clean The Air
When it comes to city life, smog and air pollution can be quite the thorny issue in the lives of dwellers there. However, surely something can be done to make our environment a whole lot easier to breathe? The University of Engineering and Technology of Peru (UTEC) might have a solution when building a new campus in downtown Lima, as they figured out a method to work on an air-cleaning […]

Billboard Twitter Real Time Chart Coming Soon
Twitter seems to be on a roll recently, having introduced additional functionality to their product. Music lovers will be thrilled to hear what is coming their way as Billboard has just announced their partnership with Twitter, resulting in the Billboard Twitter Real-Time Chart. This is a unique chart to our time and age, where it is capable of tracking real-time U.S. music conversation by analyzing Twitter data.