When it comes to city life, smog and air pollution can be quite the thorny issue in the lives of dwellers there. However, surely something can be done to make our environment a whole lot easier to breathe? The University of Engineering and Technology of Peru (UTEC) might have a solution when building a new campus in downtown Lima, as they figured out a method to work on an air-cleaning billboard in order to minimize the impact of the work on local air quality.

Just in case you were wondering, UTEC has had a rather colorful history when it comes to greening the earth, or at least, they try to. This is the very same university which came up with a water generating billboard that we talked about in 2013, which just goes to show the “DNA” of the university students in merging environmental projects alongside advertising signs.

Basically, this new air-cleaning billboard does not just offer token performance, but it is capable of churning out more than 3.5 million cubic feet of fresh air each day, making it have the efficiency level of approximately 1,200 trees as it cleans the air all around within a 5 block radius. Definitely one of the more interesting inventions to roll out from UTEC.

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