google-billboardRemember how we mentioned the new billboard that was unveiled at New York City’s Times Square more than a week ago? Well, that particular electronic billboard is the largest of its kind to date, where it is large enough to cover the whole city block. There is value in being the first, and Google happens to be the very first company to be featured on this humongous display.

Android users who happen to be in the vicinity might find this to be a boon, since if you were to create your very own bugdroid character in Androidify, there is a chance that you can let the whole of Times Square see your creation on this massive, 25,000 square foot billboard. Of course, if you are waiting for that chance to come by, just wait in line and control control your bugdroid character via motion capture controls. Heck, there are also contests organized so that your bugdroid character will end up on a t-shirt or postcard.

It seems that Google forked out approximately $2.5 million for four weeks of ad time, which is pocket change for the tech company. Google also has taken the decision to donate some time from all four weeks of ad time to half a dozen non-profit organizations – Made with Code, Charity Water, WWF, Khan Academy, NRDC, Donors Choose, and Give Directly.

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