BlackBerry’s “Strategic Alternatives” May Drive Away Developers

Prior to unveiling the BlackBerry 10 platform in January, the Canadian manufacturer organized a few developer-focused events in order to get as many apps as it could for its nascent platform. Still most top apps that can easily be found on both iOS and Android are missing on BlackBerry, and there’s no doubt about the fact that one of the reasons BB10 has failed to take off is that most […]

BlackBerry Expected To Be Sold In Parts

What was once a behemoth has now been reduced to finding “strategic alternatives” for its survival. The years have taken their toll on BlackBerry, which once had a mammoth share of the global cellphone market. Now it has been beaten by Windows Phone, which has become the third biggest platform in the world. BlackBerry was unable to stage a comeback with its new BlackBerry 10 devices. So the company recently […]

BlackBerry 10 Battery Cover Hints At Possible Porsche Edition

Vietnamese website Tinhte has been pretty good with their leaks and have even uploaded reviews of products that have yet to hit the market, and in a recent forum post, photos of a BlackBerry battery cover were upload that has led to speculation that perhaps BlackBerry could once again be collaborating with Porsche for a Porsche version of a BlackBerry 10 device. According to the description of the battery cover, […]

TomTom To Add Real-Time Traffic To BlackBerry 10 Maps App

If you’re a BlackBerry 10 user, you might be pleased to find out that TomTom has recently announced an updated agreement with BlackBerry in which they will be providing real-time traffic information to the native maps app found on the BlackBerry 10 operating system. Undoubtedly this will be a welcome update to BlackBerry 10 users who think that the maps app could do with a bit more features and functionality. […]


Twitter For BlackBerry 10 Update Enhances UI, Brings Improvements

Despite the fact that the platform hasn’t performed as superbly as BlackBerry would have wanted, there are still a large number of BlackBerry 10 users out there. Twitter today announced that it is rolling out a new update for its BB10 app. Not only does the update bring a number of user interface enhancements, it also brings a few much requested features and improvements. One such improvement is the ability […]

PlayOn On BlackBerry 10 Delivers Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, 60+ Channels

If you are a huge fan of PlayOn, the media server software which will be able to stream online videos to TVs and mobile devices, well here is some good news for you – the PlayOn app is now available for the BlackBerry 10 platform. I know, BlackBerry users might feel maligned by developers for obvious reasons – the platform itself ain’t doing too hot, but what do you expect […]

Flixster For BlackBerry 10 Updated With UltraViolet Support

Flixster for BlackBerry 10 has been updated to support UltraViolet streaming of movies and TV shows.

Native Evernote App For Blackberry 10 Leaked

While Blackberry 10 does feature Evernote integration through its Remember app, a native Evernote is still missing for Blackberry 10. We’re not sure when Evernote will be released for Blackberry 10, but it is possible that in the coming Blackberry 10.2 update, there is a good chance the app will be released alongside the update as well. This is thanks to a discovery in the recent build of Blackberry 10.2 […]

Analyst Calls BlackBerry 10 ‘Irrelevant’

Many analysts are pulling the cord on BlackBerry after it reported its quarterly financial results last week. One analyst calls the company’s latest platform, BlackBerry 10, irrelevant.

Former Apple CEO John Sculley Thinks BlackBerry Should Stop Making Hardware

After BlackBerry’s quarterly results which missed analysts’ estimates, former Apple CEO John Sculley has said that the company should stop making hardware if it wants to make a comeback and focus on secure messaging.

BlackBerry 10 Will Not Be Headed To The PlayBook After All

BlackBerry’s CEO confirmed the company’s PlayBook will not be receiving BlackBerry 10.

Unofficial Instagram 4.0.2 Now Available For Blackberry 10

A couple of days ago, Instagram’s CEO announced that they had no plans to bring Instagram onto Blackberry 10 anytime soon. While this might be a bummer for some Blackberry 10 users, for the more resourceful, there’s always the unofficial download, and even better news, the latest version of Instagram, version 4.0.2, has been converted into a working .BAR file, meaning that Blackberry 10 users will be able to download […]

No Instagram For Blackberry 10 Anytime Soon

It looks like when it comes to Instagram officially arriving on platforms other than iOS and Android, those users are definitely out of luck because it seems that after rejecting Windows Phone, at least for now, Instagram has also turned its back on Blackberry 10, claiming that the app will not be arriving on the Blackberry 10 platform anytime soon. This is according to Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom, who in […]

Viber For Blackberry 10 To Arrive Alongside Blackberry 10.2 Update

Due to the variety and popularity of smartphone platforms available in the market today, it is not surprising that some developers are picky about which platform to develop for, at least initially. Well the good news for Blackberry 10 users is that if you were looking for a way to keep in touch with friends who are using Viber, it’s only a matter of time before the app will see […]