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BBM For BlackBerry 10 Beta Features Real Time Location Sharing And Voice Notes
If BlackBerry has anything going for it right now, its certainly BBM. The once iconic BlackBerry exclusive messaging service was opened up to iOS and Android earlier this year and it gained a lot of popularity. 20 million people signed up in the first week alone, whereas BlackBerry Messenger was able to pull in 40 million new users overall across both platforms. The company is committed to BBM and continues […]

Recent Sensor Issues On BlackBerry 10 Devices Were Due To Corrupt Server Data
We reported yesterday that a lot of BlackBerry 10 owners were complaining about the sensors on their devices going haywire. The issues were being noticed after users updated to BB10.2 OS. Sensors which were affected included the proximity and light sensors, some users even complained that screen rotation was being affected. BlackBerry today clarified that there’s nothing wrong with the BB10.2 update, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with the hardware […]

BlackBerry 10 Devices Reportedly Suffering From Sensor Issues Post 10.2 Update [Updated]
If you own any of the BlackBerry 10 devices, like the BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Z30, you might want to hold off on updating to BlackBerry OS 10.2. According to a smattering of reports, it seems that BlackBerry 10 devices that have updated to 10.2 are experiencing some bugs which appears to be affecting the sensors on their phones. These sensors include the light sensor, proximity sensor, and has even affected […]

BlackGram Is BlackBerry 10's Native Instagram App
While Instagram might finally be making its way onto Windows Phone, the same unfortunately cannot be said for BlackBerry users, at least until now. BlackGram for BlackBerry has been launched and it is the first native Instagram app for the BlackBerry 10 platform. Granted this is hardly the official app compared to what iOS, Android, a recently Windows Phone users will be enjoying, but we guess it’s a start and […]


Native Skype App For BlackBerry 10 Could Be On Its Way
Earlier this year it was revealed that Skype would be making its way onto BlackBerry 10 devices, which is good news especially since the BlackBerry 10 platform could use more big name apps. However the downside is that the app, at that time, turned out to be a port of the Android version of Skype. While there is nothing wrong with ports, the fact of the matter is that they […]

Viber For BlackBerry 10 Not Coming Anytime Soon
It is no secret that BlackBerry 10 is miles behind its competitors in the apps department, and the situation hasn’t drastically improved ever since the platform was first unveiled back in January this year. In June, Viber CEO had said that the official Viber for BlackBerry 10 app would be released alongside the BB OS 10.2 update. He said that both, the app and the update, would be released “hand-in-hand.” Though […]

NATO Approves BlackBerry 10 For 'Restricted' Communications
Things haven’t been going well for BlackBerry, that’s certainly no secret. The company has lost a major chunk of its user base both in the established as well as emerging markets. It has recently taken a nearly $1 billion hit as an operating loss largely due to inventory write down of unsold BlackBerry Z10s. The company’s share price is a fraction of where it used to be only a couple […]

iGrann Instagram Client For BlackBerry 10 To Be Released Soon
There’s no official Instagram app available for BlackBerry 10 right now. Users have to make do with an Android port by sideloading the APK on their BB10 device. Time and again it has been said that the official app will probably not be coming soon. This was reiterated by BlackBerry’s VP of developer relations at the Jam Asia 2013 conference last week. He suggested that users find an “alternative.” A […]

App Developers Reportedly Not Jumping BlackBerry 10 Ship
Earlier today BlackBerry announced an operating loss of nearly $1 billion and revealed that it only managed to sell 3.7 million devices during the second fiscal quarter. Majority of those devices were ones running legacy OS, not BlackBerry 10, which was released earlier this year and was supposed to save the company. Its no secret that there aren’t a lot of quality apps for BB10, apps like you would find […]

Sony QX10 And QX100 Reportedly Working For BlackBerry 10 Devices
During IFA 2013, Sony announced the lens camera accessory, the QX10 and the QX100. Both devices would play nicely with Android and iOS smartphones as long as users were to install the PlayMemories Mobile app. Unfortunately what this means is that Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 users would be out of luck, although in the case of BlackBerry 10 users, if you know what you’re doing, you should be able […]

Doodle Jump For BlackBerry 10 Available Now
Its no secret that there aren’t a lot of spectacular apps and games available for BlackBerry, the likes of which you can easily find on iOS and Android. The company tried changing that last year as it conducted various developer specific events to get more developers to submit apps for its new platform, BlackBerry 10. However, according to a recent report, more than 47,000 apps on BlackBerry World have been […]

T-Mobile Rumored To Be Removing BlackBerry 10 Devices From Stores Due To Poor Sales
BlackBerry is not doing as well as they had anticipated, with reports of the BlackBerry Q10 sales being labeled as “dismal”, and it looks like even carriers aren’t giving BlackBerry a break either. According to rumors, word has it that T-Mobile is looking to remove BlackBerry 10 smartphones from their stores due to the devices not doing well in terms of sales. This comes from a CrackBerry forum post in […]

Morgan Stanley Holds Off On Upgrading To BlackBerry 10
BlackBerry 10 was launched earlier this year with devices like the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 hitting the market, so we guess for some companies that are still on the BlackBerry platform, it should be time to upgrade, right? Morgan Stanley is one of those companies that still uses the BlackBerry platform, although at the moment they have distributed BlackBerry 7 devices to their employees around the world, and for […]

Instagram Spotted On BlackBerry 10 Hub [Rumor]
While Instagram might be enjoying a large user base on iOS and Android, at least as far as official apps are concerned, those on Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 have to resort to third-party apps instead. In fact last we heard, Instagram for BlackBerry 10 might not be coming soon as the company’s CEO stated that they had no plans to develop for BlackBerry 10 at the moment, but thanks […]