Well before BlackBerry announced its new BlackBerry 10 operating system and two new devices in January, analysts were saying that this would be a make it or break it moment for the company. The company’s stock has lost its value substantially over the past couple of years, there have been management shakeups at the top and quite a number of employees have been laid off as BlackBerry tightens its belt. Some analysts had also claimed that the company’s Z10 smartphone was seeing disappointing sales in the U.S., a statement which BlackBerry firmly spoke out against. As far as overall sales figures are concerned, the Q10 smartphone is believed to outsell the Z10.

Macquarie Capital’s Kevin Smithen believes that BlackBerry Q10 will make up for a substantial amount of overall BB10 smartphone sales. He believes that the company will ship 4.3 million BB10 devices this month. The Q10’s advantage over Z10 is that it sits well with traditional BlackBerry users who just can’t get over the physical QWERTY keyboard, which as per reviews, is amazing on the Q10. The particular smartphone is also deemed favorable for enterprise customers which account for over 13 million of BlackBerry’s user base. Did you buy a new BlackBerry 10 device for yourself? If yes, which one was it?

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