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BlackBerry OS For Z10 And Z30 Leaked
Four days back, we did talk about BlackBerry 10.2.1 purported screenshots that dropped hints concerning Google Play Store access. Well, it seems that the BlackBerry OS has been leaked in its entirety, where it will cater for two different models of smartphones from the Canadian company – namely the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Z30. So far, there was a similar operating system for the BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry […]

BlackBerry OS 10.2 Firmware Update Schedule Announced
Assuming you are still using a BlackBerry device which runs on the latest BlackBerry OS 10 version, here is some news for you which might just perk up your Wednesday evening. BlackBerry has recently announced the rollout schedule of its upcoming OS 10.2 firmware update, where both the BlackBerry Z10 as well as BlackBerry Q10 and Q5 will be devices that are eligible for the upgrade, although one must take […]

BlackBerry OS 10.2 Spotted With Enhanced User Interface
Leaked screenshots of the alleged BlackBerry OS 10.2 have emerged.

Blackberry Porsche P'9881 appears at the FCC, could be headed towards AT&T
Sometime back in October we reported that the Blackberry Porsche P‘9881 was announced, and if that got your attention and you were thinking about getting one for yourself, the good news is that the device has recently been spotted at the FCC and appears to be sporting AT&T’s radios. So if you were hoping to pick the device up yourself, your best bet could be AT&T.


BlackBerry Torch 9810 officially announced for T-Mobile
Yesterday we reported about the leaked internal document which outed the release date of the BlackBerry Torch 9810, well today we’ve finally got an official announcement from T-Mobile about the phone’s release. The BlackBerry Torch 9810 features a portrait QWERTY slide-out keyboard, a 3.2″ VGA touchscreen display, a 1.2GHz processor, BlackBerry 7 operating system, a rear 5-megapixel camera (720p HD video recording) and HSPA+ connectivity.The phone will be available for […]

Blackberry Torch 9810 arriving on T-Mobile 9th November
Despite Blackberry steadily losing market share to iOS and Android, and with the recent RIM outages, we have no doubt that there are still plenty of Blackberry fans and loyalists out there, which means that come 9th of November, if they are looking to upgrade their Blackberry device, they will be able to get their hands on the Blackberry Torch 9810 from T-Mobile.

Blackberry Porsche P'9881 announced
A week ago we reported that thanks to an invitation, it appears that RIM and Porsche had plans to hold an event to unveil a new product. Unless Porsche was planning on releasing a new Porsche Blackberry sports car, it left little to the imagination at what sort of announcement that both companies were going to make, and now it is official. Both RIM and Porsche have announced the new […]

RIM to announce BlackBerry X at this month's DevCon?
It looks like RIM is working hard to bounce back to its feet after posting disappointing results for Q2 this year. The sales of the new BlackBerry phones have been doing alright, and the PlayBook tablets received a price cut so things should get better as well. And now, we’ve got some interesting rumors about what RIM has in store for us at this month’s developer’s conference – better known […]

Kik Messenger returns to BlackBerry
Kik Messenger, the cross-platform messenger service that’s available on most mobile operating systems was a massive hit earlier this year, especially on BlackBerry devices. But something happened between the company and RIM, with the latter having a problem with the service and disabling push notifications for it on BlackBerry devices. Since a messaging app without push is essentially useless, it faded away from the Blackberry platform after awhile.But according to […]

Blackberry Curve 9350 coming to Sprint 2nd October
Much like T-Mobile’s Blackberry Curve 9360 was rumored for a September 14th release, Sprint’s Blackberry Cure 9350 was also supposed to see a release on the 9th of September but both devices have been delayed. Now the good news for those who have been looking to get their hands on the Blackberry Curve 9350 is that the device has been officially given a release date along with its pricing, assuming […]

Blackberry Curve 9360 pamphlets arriving in stores, launch imminent?
If you have been eagerly waiting for the Blackberry Curve 9360, you were probably a bit disappointed when the rumored 14th of September release came by and went without any incident. The somewhat good news for those who have been meaning to get their hands on the Curve 9360 is that pamphlets for the device have started showing up at T-Mobile retail stores, and what this could imply is that […]

Leaked Blackberry OS 7.0.0340 enables NFC on the Bold 9930
One of the more exciting features about the upcoming Blackberry devices is that they will be NFC enabled, which is a first for the handset manufacturer. Unfortunately it has been reported that carriers such as AT&T are considering disabling NFC in the upcoming Blackberry Bold 9900, and there have been reports in the UK that Vodafone has done something similar as well. We’re not sure why given that AT&T, T-Mobile […]

BlackBerry 7 OS to deliver updated virtual keyboard
Virtual keyboards do take some getting used to, especially for those who were weaned on a physical keyboard on their smartphone. This is very true for old school BlackBerry owners who might find the learning curve of a virtual keyboard to be potentially steep, and not all virtual keyboards are the same – especially when you take into consideration the iPhone and Android-powered devices these days. Well, BlackBerry 7 OS […]

A 16-year old's vision of the Blackberry OS 8
RIM is steadily declining in terms of smartphone market share, and there could be a variety of reasons behind it. It could be due to the hardware, which was only recently upgraded with the Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 (1.2GHz processor) to put it somewhat on par with current smartphones today. It could also be due to its design, or it could also be due to the platform, which RIM is […]

RIM starts to accept BlackBerry OS 7 apps
RIM (Research In Motion) is seen to be accepting BlackBerry OS 7 apps now in conjunction with the announcement of their new BlackBerry OS 7 at this year’s BlackBerry World event, where the new operating system version will debut when the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 series smartphones is announced alongside the same occasion. This latest version of RIM’s mobile operating system will be able to support a new feature known […]

Google Android overtakes BlackBerry in operating system market share
Research In Motion (RIM)’s smartphone mobile OS market share in the US has received yet another blow – as Google has puffed and hacked its way past. As for Apple, they are inching nearer and nearer to land at the third position. comScore’s latest data showed that the Android OS smartphone share jumped 6% during the first quarter of 2011 to hit 34.7%, while RIM saw a 4.5% drop to […]

BlackBerry Enterprise Solution to work on multiple platforms
[Blackberry World] It looks like RIM is releasing its hold on the enterprise world by making their Enterprise Solution work with platforms other than BlackBerry OS for the first time. Today, RIM announced that a multi-platform BlackBerry Enterprise Solution for smartphones and tablets. The software that companies have been using for managing and securing mobile devices will soon be able to work with Android and iOS based devices in the future. […]

Official Twitter client for BlackBerry updated
The BlackBerry Official Twitter Client 1.1 has finally made its way out of the beta testing stage into a full release. The app that has been undergoing testing for the past six weeks is now mature and stable enough to go out in the real world. The latest version of the app brings new features such as the ability to add locations to your tweets so you can tell your […]

BlackBerry Storm 3 video footage leaked
RIM is either slacking or they’ve been busy building up hype for their new phones by leaking them to the public. The latest one to receive an exposé before an official announcement is the BlackBerry Touch 9860, better known as the Storm 3 or Monaco/Monza. The phone managed to make its way to the hands of a Thai-speaking man who gave a short preview of the phone on video. While […]

BlackBerry Traffic app updated
RIM has just announced that they will be releasing an update to their Traffic app over the next 24 hours. The update will bring BlackBerry Traffic up to version and will give users the following features: a choice to select between 2 routes to a destination, as well as a traffic view that displays predicted traffic conditions for each route, the ability to add preset destinations (i.e. office or […]