RIM logo[Blackberry World] It looks like RIM is releasing its hold on the enterprise world by making their Enterprise Solution work with platforms other than BlackBerry OS for the first time. Today, RIM announced that a multi-platform BlackBerry Enterprise Solution for smartphones and tablets. The software that companies have been using for managing and securing mobile devices will soon be able to work with Android and iOS based devices in the future. In addition to being platform agnostic on phones, the Enterprise Solution will be managed from a single web-based console, which means that it should have no trouble working on any computer as well, as long as it has a compatible web browser.

It is noted that some features of the Enterprise solutions will remain as BlackBerry-only features due to the technology being built into the operating system itself. The upcoming BlackBerry Balance service will also remain BlackBerry-only. The multi-platform BlackBerry Enterprise Solution is planned for general availability later this year. This means that companies who’ve had BlackBerry-only policies will give its employees the freedom to use Android or iOS devices if they’re not too keen on using a BlackBerry phone. If BlackBerry Enterprise Solution is making the jump to multi-platform, does this mean RIM will be their other services (such as BBM) multi-platform as well? That’s something interesting to think about.

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